Concealer: our tips for choosing the right one and applying it like a pro

The concealers when applied properly and with the perfectly adapted colour , works miracles on all skin types! However, beware of its double-edged effect because the opposite is also true... Too light, and you get a deadly effect, too thick and the result during the day just makes you want to go and remove your make-up. We give you all our tips for a perfect application and the keys to choose the dark circle remover will never leave your bathroom or your handbag again!

How to choose your concealer?

The best concealer There is no universal concealer because not everyone has the same skin, the same criteria, the same desire for coverage... Let's start with the texture: generally, the dark circles Generally speaking, compact concealers are better suited to skin that tends to shine easily and is looking for a lot of coverage. But like all rules, there are exceptions... we'll tell you more right after ;-) One of our favorite compact concealers? If you have normal to dry skin and are looking for light coverage, concealers with a brush or other applicator AND liquid are the best option (like with the True Skin Serum Concealer Ilia). Finally, if you have normal to dry skin, a very dehydrated eye area and are still looking for coverage, the Un Cover Up RMS Beauty is the perfect choice. Compact yes, but so rich in vegetable oils that this natural dark circle remover nourishes and protects without freezing the features! Finally, for the colour, everything will depend on the natural shade of your dark circles. Bluish circles will be softened by a slightly pinkish concealer, while brown or strongly purplish circles will disappear under a peach or yellow tint.

Mistakes not to make

  • Avoid applying your dark circle remover where the areas are already light to maintain a natural effect. 
  • The dark circle remover that fades into the features? If you're sure you've got the right anti-dark circle cream, it may be that your eye cream applied before is too rich. Remove the excess with a tissue or matte paper. 
  • When the finish is too thick, it is because there is too much material. It is better to add material gradually, work it in, then add more if necessary and so on. 
  • Use a dark circle remover illuminator on blemishes: more and more concealers have light-reflecting pigments that are great on dark circles and shadows... but less so on blemishes as they highlight them. So make sure you have the right one ;-)
  • Using too light a concealer has the opposite effect: it makes you look bad and highlights the imperfections you were trying to hide. If in doubt, use the darkest shade.

As you can see, like all other beauty products, the best dark circle remover But as soon as you know your skin type and identify your desire for coverage, it becomes much easier to choose. Of course, our job as Beauty Experts is to guide you: so if you still have questions, don't hesitate to write to us at !