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Shampoo is a bathroom essential! While its primary function is to clean and shine the hair, but must also solve many problems. Opt for a natural or purifying shampoo if your roots regress quickly, for a honey-based shampoo if your hair is dry, or for a zinc-based shampoo to clear dandruff.

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Why should I use a natural shampoo?

Shampoo is an essential part of any beauty routine and our hair needs to be cleaned, on average, between one and three times a week. The frequency varies according to our hair type (depending on the sebum production at the roots), but also our environment and lifestyle: dust and pollution are factors that can dull, weaken or even weigh down the hair. But let's not forget UV rays or stress, an unbalanced diet, etc., which can also throw everything out of balance. However, be careful not to use just any shampoo. At Oh My Cream, we prefer to use natural shampoos, without aggressive foaming detergents, which are much gentler and more respectful of the hair fibre and scalp. In the long term, it can help hair with oily roots to space out washings, but also reduce the dandruff of an attacked scalp. Don't hesitate to read Cecile's post on why she banned silicones from her hair :-)

What natural shampoo should I use if I have oily hair?

If you have an oily scalp, we advise you to use a purifying shampoo that is relatively gentle and respectful of the scalp. After all, the scalp behaves exactly like the skin on your face: the more you attack it with scouring foaming agents in the hope of removing the oil, the more you stimulate your sebaceous glands. And that's how the vicious circle of greasy hair begins... At Oh My Cream, we love the Cut by Fred Purifying Shampoo Stick. It's a purifying shampoo in a solid format with peppermint, which cleanses and detoxifies your scalp while leaving a real fresh feeling.

What natural shampoo should I use if I have dry hair?

If your hair is dry, the fact remains that after a week or so, it needs a good cleansing to regain lightness, shine and suppleness. Instead, turn to nourishing shampoos such as a honey-based shampoo or one with vegetable oils. A honey shampoo is excellent if you have dry hair. We can't recommend John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Repair Shampoo enough to strengthen, repair and protect dry, damaged hair.

What natural shampoo should I use if I have dandruff?

If you have dandruff, chances are your scalp needs to be gently rebalanced. Sometimes dandruff is caused by using conventional shampoos containing irritating detergents, such as synthetic sulphates, too often. Here again, there is nothing like a natural shampoo to treat dandruff! Our favourite? John Master Organics Zinc & Sage Shampoo is a 2-in-1 zinc shampoo: it rebalances the scalp and fights dandruff... while moisturising the lengths!