The French Pharmacy but organic.
Made in France, Patyka is your go-to when it comes to certified organic skincare. Patyka is an accessible and environmentally-conscious brand, combining high-quality botanical ingredients, sensory pleasure and expert knowledge to deliver great results. As well as its eco-friendly packaging, Patyka has a long-term commitment to a reforestation programme that works to protect and replenish French forests. Discover its specialist skin care range today, adapted to all skin types and ages.

Why we love it:

  • Their targeted and accessible skincare ranges
  • The best of organic French Pharmacy
  • Their exquisite natural fragrances
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The Summer Pouch Maison Michel x Oh My Cream

A 2-in-1 kit in a mini hat box and a colourful pouch bringing together all the clean essentials for this summer, including 3 full sizes!


Patyka, a complete range of French cleansing products for all skin types!

Patyka has been one of our reference brands at Oh My Cream for several years and for good reason! With a complete range of face and body care products, Patyka always has a skincare solution adapted to your problems! Patyka's intelligent skincare formulations solve any concern: sensitivity, dryness, dehydration, shine or premature ageing. Its skincare trump card? High quality botanical ingredients combined with avant-garde know-how, all in products with extremely sensorial textures and fragrances. And to top it all off, Patyka is one of our 100% French cleansing brands!

Huile Absolue Patyka, the brand's signature product

The origins of Patyka go back long before the creation of its name and the brand we know today. It was in 1922 in Paris that a young apothecary created the formula for an elixir that would become a cult: Huile Absolue. The success of this treatment was such that he later launched the brand under the name Patyka, meaning "apotheke" in ancient Greek. Even today, Huile Absolue Patyka remains the cult product of the range. This precious oil, to be applied to the face, body and hair, has a regenerating effect thanks to a clever blend of oils. Jojoba, olive and sunflower oils form a nourishing and softening blend. Wheat germ and sesame oils have a restructuring effect on the skin tissue. Finally, the essential oils of geranium, mandarin, sandalwood and neroli, in addition to providing the product's iconic fragrance, stimulate and energise... Since 1922, this skincare oil has been unrivalled and its apothecary formulation remains unchanged.

Patyka face cream: how to choose it?

Here are our tips for choosing your Patyka face cream according to your skin type and your concerns. If your dry skin is giving you a hard time, choose rich textures such as the Multi-Protection Cream for Dry Skin, a rich-textured moisturiser with the added bonus of anti-pollution and anti-ageing action. If, in addition to dryness, you are prone to sensitivities and redness, the Hydra-Calming Rich Cream will be ideal to soothe and revitalize your fragile skin. For combination to oily skin, there's nothing better than a mattifying moisturiser like the Perfecting Matte Fluid, perfect for controlling shine and imperfections while intensely moisturising the skin. For normal to combination skin looking for a good hydration, the Multi-Protection Radiance Cream is also available in a fine texture for these skin types! Finally, for those looking for an anti-ageing face cream, the Youthful Remodelling Cream is the perfect organic anti-ageing cream for sensitive and uncomfortable mature skin. And to find this selection, it's here: Patyka face cream ;-)!

Create your own complete Patyka cosmetics routine

If you don't know it yet, at Oh My Cream, we have the ideal recipe for a beautiful skin routine! To do this, we advocate 3 essential steps: double cleansing, gentle exfoliation, and plant-based skin care oil. Here are our tips for creating your ideal Patyka cosmetics routine. Start the double cleansing with the first step, the oil phase, by using Huile Démaquillante Eclair. This oil, enriched with plant oils, removes all traces of make-up for luminous and comfortable skin. Then, move on to the second step of the double cleansing, the skin cleansing, with the Detox Cleansing Foam, which cleanses deeply for a fresh and detoxified complexion. Double cleansing is essential because the secret of beautiful skin is a perfectly clean epidermis for a tenfold effectiveness of the treatments applied afterwards. For gentle exfoliation, there are no Patyka products on the horizon, but you can rely on our Oh My Cream Skincare Exfoliating Powder for a smoother and more even skin texture ;-) Finally, to nourish and moisturise your skin with the last step of our 3 essential stages, we can only recommend Patyka Absolute Oil !