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Combeau is a French supplement brand founded in 2020 by Erika Fogeiro. It ingeniously combines cutting-edge biotechnology formulations with high-quality natural ingredients to work in synergy and transform the skin from within. Its first formulation, L’Essentiel Peau, has become a cult favourite in a few months, thanks to its 7 exceptionally dosed and combined active ingredients targeting radiance, signs of ageing, and blemishes. Read more...

Why we love it:

  • The universality of its formula
  • All the essentials in a single supplement
  • Its 7 active ingredients with clinically proven effectiveness
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The history of the brand, Combeau 

Why limit ourselves to one ingredient and one specificity when we can combine several active ingredients to meet multiple needs? This is the approach of the French brand Combeau. After years working for major beauty groups, Erika Fogeiro decided to create her own food supplement, after seeing her immune system severely impacted by a course of medication for her severe acne. When she developed an autoimmune inflammatory disease, a variant of irritable bowel syndrome, she realised that she needed to rethink her entire beauty routine. Erika was convinced that food supplements could have a real impact on our daily well-being, and so she created COMBEAU, a brand with natural yet effective, simple yet innovative formulas.

Combeau, a committed brand

As well as being transparent about ingredients, Combeau also pays attention to packaging! Produced in Europe, bottles are made from high-quality glass and are infinitely recyclable. Boxes and parcels are made in France and tailor-made to avoid waste. The paper and cardboard are FSC-certified and come from sustainably managed forests. The ingredients are sourced mainly in France (it's still complicated to grow acerola in France ;) ). The plants and plant extracts that make up L'Essentiel Peau are certified organic and are contained in a plant capsule for vegans! 

Combeau food supplements

Designed as supplements with a complete anti-ageing action, Combeau food supplements can be taken simultaneously for a 360° action to fight the causes of skin ageing! 

L'Essentiel, the Combeau beauty supplement

L'Essentiel Peau is THE food supplement for the skin. It contains 7 ingredients: hyaluronic acid (a powerful moisturiser), red algae (antioxidant, it reduces redness), acerola (rich in vitamin c, it boosts collagen), sea buckthorn (it soothes and moisturises the epidermis), melon SOD B (an antioxidant enzyme that protects the skin from external aggression), saffron (a nugget that helps reduce stress and improve sleep quality) and zinc bisglycinate (purifies the skin and reduces imperfections). 

Le Collagen, the highly absorbable, tasteless and odourless product

Combeau's latest innovation, Le Collagène Universal Collagen, is a food supplement based on pure marine collagen, which is highly assimilable, precisely dosed and clinically proven effective. Tasteless and odourless, it can be easily adapted to your daily routine to target the skin's radiance, elasticity and firmness and act on the signs of skin ageing.