Why are natural toothpastes the best toothpastes to use when brushing your teeth?

At Oh My Cream what drives us day after day is to accompany you in your transition towards beauty products with healthier compositions that respect your body and your health. And often, when we start our transition to clean beauty, we first think of changing our face and body products... But have you ever looked at the composition of your toothpaste? Too often neglected, toothpaste is nevertheless an indispensable part of our bathrooms, used at least twice a day! We reveal all that you have to gain with a natural toothpaste.

Lebon natural toothpaste set

What is the difference between natural and conventional toothpaste?

You may not have realised it, but the ingredients in conventional toothpastes are far from perfect and are the subject of much controversy. Controversial ingredients in conventional toothpastes include 

  • the triclosansuspected of being a potential endocrine disruptor;
  • some sulphates potentially carcinogenic;
  • the titanium dioxidewhich is supposedly toxic;
  • the fluorinewhich is suspected of being a potential endocrine disruptor and carcinogen.

In addition, conventional toothpastes are also full of artificial fragrances, colourings and preservatives. So many chemical elements that form an explosive cocktail that we could happily do without! It's true that all these chemical ingredients play a major role in the sensory qualities of your toothpaste (generous foam, pleasant texture, minty fragrance, etc.) but once you become aware of their potential harmfulness, it's better to choose natural toothpaste. And guess what: some natural toothpastes don't even require you to make a compromise between effectiveness and sensoriality!

Why should you choose natural toothpaste instead? 

If a few years ago, natural toothpaste was synonymous with a non-foaming paste texture and relative freshness, this is no longer the case. The natural beauty sector has come a long way in recent years. For example, some brands, such as the Lebon brand for example, now offer natural toothpastes that are so sensory that you'll never want to take your old tube back...

Natural toothpaste is the 100% clean alternative to conventional toothpaste, which does not use potentially harmful ingredients and favours natural ingredients such as :

  • the bicarbonate of sodavery effective in reducing small stains and antibacterial
  • essential oils, for their antimicrobial properties and fragrance;
  • plant extracts, for a fresh, soothing effect...
  • trace elements, to strengthen the gums .

So there's no need to compromise between natural toothpaste, effectiveness and sensoriality. 

What is the best natural toothpaste?

Lebon Trio Natural Toothpaste Travel Size
Lebon Natural Mouthwash

Of course, not all natural toothpastes are created equal, and even though some are very similar to conventional toothpastes, there can sometimes be small differences. Indeed, a natural toothpaste without sulphate does not produce a foam as generous as its conventional counterpart, its quantity is a little lower but it is not absent either. It's time to dispel a common misconception: less foaming doesn't mean less cleaning! 

Finally, the best natural toothpaste is the one that meets your requirements Yes, we all have different expectations in terms of toothpaste. Some people like solid or powdered toothpaste (often less foaming), while others prefer fresh, foaming textures with a minty scent. At Oh My Cream, we tend to fall into the latter category because we think this is the easiest way to make the transition!

Just like natural deodorants, if there's one thing you should know about natural toothpaste, it's that it can be just as pleasant to use and just as effective as conventional toothpaste. So give it a chance! When you also think about how many chemical and potentially harmful ingredients you'll be able to stop ingesting on a daily basis... Your teeth (and your body) will thank you ;-)