Welcome to the Oh My Cream Ambassador Program!

Because we always value your feedback on our new formulations and dream of bringing together a community of passionate individuals, we have conceived our Oh My Cream Ambassador Program. If you are creative, enjoy discovering new beauty treatments, and love creating content for social media platforms, you are in the right place.

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Your benefits:

  • Discover in advance the new Oh My Cream Skincare products and preview the latest formulations still in progress. 
  • Join our focus groups to envision and co-create the future of Oh My Cream Skincare
  • Your content will be shared on our social networks with mentions and tags of your account on all our publications. We can also cross-post this content to increase the visibility of your account.

  • You will have access to the entire Oh My Cream Skincare catalogue in exchange for content.

  • Join our WhatsApp group to connect with our Oh My Cream Ambassador community

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Your missions:

  • Publish at least once a month on your public Instagram feed to maintain your Oh My Cream Skincare Ambassador status
  • Post at least once a month in your Instagram stories with one or more tracked links to our e-shop to receive exclusive gifts each quarter. 

  • Create additional content for your TikTok and/or YouTube accounts. 

  • Share your content with the hashtags #ohmycream #ohmycreamskincare and #omcmuse.

*By participating in the Oh My Cream Ambassador Program and posting on your social networks, you agree that your content may also be used on our e-shop (product sheets, journal) as well as in Meta ads.

**Your content may be used on our e-shop and social networks; if this is the case, we will contact you privately so you can send us the elements via email.