Tips and products for a successful body scrub

The body scrub Body scrub is often one of the great forgotten parts of a beauty routine. However, once a week, in addition to making your skin softer, it has many benefits... Did you know that it can also reduce cellulite, improve firmness and prevent ingrown hairs after hair removal? Here is a brief overview of its benefits, application advice and suggestions for natural body scrubs (yes, forget the polluting silicone beads and go for a clean exfoliation).

Why does a body scrub change everything?

Whatever the type of body scrub used, the function of this product remains the same: it eliminates the dead cells on the surface of the skin. Indeed, our cells are constantly renewing themselves and finish their journey on the surface of the epidermis, the last visible layer of our skin. By exfoliating, we eliminate these dead cells and we actually do much more... yes, the body scrub sends a clear message to the skin: that of renewing these skin cells more quickly. By energising the skin, its ageing process is slowed down and, because we perform a massage at the same time, we stimulate the blood circulation. Dead cells are also responsible for rougher and duller skin, which exfoliation sweeps away in a flash! Finally, when performed regularly, exfoliation of the body helps to minimise cellulite and the "orange peel" appearance by "breaking up" small fatty deposits. Are you prone to stretch marks? Body scrubbing can also minimize their appearance and prevent them by boosting elastin production, and therefore tissue firmness.

The real lesson in applying body scrub 

The ideal frequency for a body scrub is different from the face: once a week is sufficient. A classic body scrub with grains is usually applied to wet skin, directly in the shower. However, for very dry and rough areas such as the feet or elbows, it can be used on dry skin. Massage the scrub from bottom to top (for better blood circulation) in circular movements, then rinse with warm water. For the more adventurous, finish with a jet of cold water to boost circulation! Finally, don't hesitate to use your body scrub one day before waxing/shaving: you will avoid ingrown hairs. You can also exfoliate the day before applying your self-tanner to avoid streaks... Then finish off on slightly damp skin by applying a body oil or moisturiser.

Which body scrub should I use? 

If the body scrub the most well-known, the "great classic", is the one with generous grains, there is now another type of exfoliation that could satisfy the most hurried... Did you know that you can exfoliate and moisturize yourself at the same time? In this case, opt for an exfoliating body cream ! Often based on lactic acid, known for its 2-in-1 action, this type of new generation exfoliant saves time in the bathroom. Beware, however, that it is not suitable for very sensitive skin (especially as it is not rinsed). Choose natural scrubs that contain vegetable oils, perfect for nourishing the skin at the same time...

Now you know all about body exfoliation! At Oh My Cream, we offer a wide variety of body scrubs. And as we are aware that it's not always easy to decide online, don't hesitate to come and ask us if you have any doubts: we are available by e-mail at or just at the bottom right of your screen by live chat :)