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Bronzing Powders & Bronzers

To accentuate the shape of your face or simply give a luminous "glow" straight out of a sun-kissed holiday, discover our selection of clean bronzers and sun powders.
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A natural and luminous tan

Forget about bronzing powder's glittering effect and say hello to a luminious and natural tan with the Nighlite Bronzing Powder Ilia. A gorgeous summer look as if you spent the entire day at the beach!


Our sun powders & bronzers

Sun Powder: why adopt it?

Sun powder, also called "bronzer", is a tinted powder that sculpts your face while giving your skin a tan and a luminous complexion. In addition to a healthy glow, bronzing powder provides a more natural and adjustable result than a self-tanner. There is now a wide choice of sun powders in different shades and textures. Some even have protective and moisturising ingredients like Nightlite Bronzing Powder Ilia enriched with jojoba oil.

How to apply your sun powder?

Whether you want a strong contouring effect or just a natural tan, bronzing powder is very easy to apply. First of all, it is important to select the right shade for your skin tone. Then apply with a large powder brush or directly with your finger. There are two possibilities: - For a sun-kissed, luminous effect: sweep over your entire face - For a more intense, sculpting effect: use the famous 3 technique, starting at the top of your forehead, then under your cheekbones and finishing with your jawline. Finish with the sides of your nose. For an even more intense glow, finish your make-up by applying a little blush and a touch of illuminator on your cheekbones.

Our sun powders at Oh My Cream

At Oh My Cream, we've selected a range of bronzing powders with different textures, sizes and shades so that each of you can find THE one for you. For a luminous complexion and an ultra-natural tan, the Nightlite Bronzing Powder Ilia is the ideal sun powder. Its silicone-free formula, silky texture and non-shimmering pearlescent pigments will seduce you. The little extra: its intensity is infinitely adjustable so you can adapt it to your desires :-) If you prefer creamier textures, we recommend the Buriti Bronzer RMS Beauty. It can be applied in small touches, with a brush or a finger, to give you a subtle "sun-kissed" effect.

A bronzer to carry with you everywhere?

Olio e Osso Bronze N°6 Tanning Balm fits perfectly into your handbag. Its melting texture glides on by itself and its shade adapts to even the lightest skins.