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Earn points with every purchase on the website or in-store (£1 = 1 point). You will also earn point on your birthday (100 points) or for each review left on the website (10 points).


Redeem points

Redeem points in-store or online (directly at checkout) and get your exclusive rewards:
£10 off = 250 points
£20 off = 500 points
£40 off = 1000 points


It's our news loyalty programme, launched in 2024.

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You can also find our T&C's here.

You will be awarded of 1 point for every £1 spent, online or in store (spending is calculated with Tax and Shipping included). Points are awarded 14 days after purchase. In the meantime they appear as “pending” in the account. These points are valid for 12 months after their creation.

You will receive 10 points for each review left on the website or 100 points on your birthday.

You need to provide your e-mail account (online or in store) and payments using a gift card are not taken into account in the calculation of points - but the purchase of a gift card is eligible.

You will be able to redeem points and get discount: 

  • £10 for 250 points
  • £20 for 500 points
  • £40 for 1000 points

You will be awarded of 1 point for every £1 spent, online or in store (except if you pay by gift card). 

Also, if you leave a review on our website, you will be awarded of 10 points.

Finally, on your birthday, you will be awarded an extra 100 points.

Points will expire 12 months after their creation.

You can consult your points on your account in the "Oh My Cream Club" section.

First, you need to check if you are able to see your online or in store order in the section "My orders".

If so, you have to wait 14 days after purchase because they will appear as "pending" in your account during this time. 

Even if everything seems right and nothing appear on your account, please contact our customer service at

You have to wait 14 days after your purchase to be able to use your points. It's equivalent to the period of withdrawal.

If you decided to return one or all your items, your pending points won't appear anymore.

You can redeem points and get discount (in store and online): 

  • £10 for 250 points
  • £20 for 500 points
  • £40 for 1000 points

The offer will be available in the checkout through a dropdown list or if you are in store you have to ask to a staff member at the checkout.

There is no minimum of purchase and you can use it on all items except limited editions (e.g. our Advent Calendar), treatments and gift cards.

Also, you won't be able to accumulate your discount with other discount or promotional offer.

If you don't have enough points to get a discount, it will be grayed out in the cart.