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Most of the time, the cleaning is done quickly. With fatigue, children... We think that a cotton ball of micellar water applied in a hurry does the job, and so much the worse if our skin tightens or reddens afterwards. Wrong! Not only is the skin not perfectly clean, but an unsuitable cleanser will accentuate minor skin problems.
To finally obtain a healthy and perfectly clean skin, we opt for the double cleansing: a cleansing in two stages associating an oil or a cleansing balm with a milk or a soft foaming gel. The advantage? The first oily step eliminates all impurities of an oily nature and the second step refines the work and begins to treat a skin problem (such as sensitivities, dehydration, or imperfections). 

Spotlight on the most common cleansing habits

Micellar water: at the beginning, this product was created for the backstage of the fashion shows, to remove the make-up of the tops, between 2 shows. These lotions are very rich in detergents that denature the hydrolipidic film. And who says altered lipidic barrier says hello to dehydration and sensitivities!

Make-up removing wipes: this is the same problem as micellar water: wipes are a nomadic product intended for exceptional use. The impurities are moved and not removed. There also, the skin can react by multiplying irritations and the small buttons.

Just water: to remove impurities, they need to be encapsulated in a "vehicle". Applying only water to your face is useless. Imagine the result if you did your dishes with just a little water...

The shower gel: intended for the body, this product is often stuffed with detergent foaming agents and dyes. It therefore causes a dissolution of the hydrolipidic film with the key to massive dehydration and sensitivities. (Feel free to highlight this passage for your significant other, men are often fans of this single-product cleansing method!)

Choosing your cleanser

A cleansing routine must remain gentle in order to preserve the integrity of the hydrolipidic film (the small surface barrier that protects the skin). Some cleansers can be very aggressive and denature this natural shield, thus generating a host of skin disorders (sensitivities, imperfections). Double cleansing is therefore the pillar of a perfect beauty ritual. It is the first element to adopt before going further with specific care. It is the gesture that makes all the difference and allows you to really change the quality of your skin. Here are our tips for choosing the perfect cleanser.

For Normal to Dry Skin

Lucky for them, normal to dry skin only has "minor" problems. To clean them gently, creamy textures are perfect. One thus privileges the milks or the cleaning creams, rich in vegetable oils. Fans of fluid textures should choose Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Emulsion, a water-soluble milk that is easy to remove. And if your skin is starting to show signs of sensitivity, Pai Skincare Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser is for you!

For normal to combination skin

Normal to combination skins are rather easy to treat, and they are lucky enough to be able to choose a milk or gel texture according to their tastes. However, you must be careful not to treat them like oily skin! So forget about harsh formulas: we prefer gentle cleansers without soap (I avoid sodium laureth sulfate in the formulas), to bring a feeling of freshness and tighten the pores... Or cleansing milks with a fluid texture, for skin that is prone to tightness.
If I'm looking for comfort, I opt for Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Emulsion.
If I'm looking for freshness and tightened pores, I choose Ren Skincare Rosa Centifolia Facial Cleansing Gel. If I'm looking for a boost to my complexion, Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. 

For oily skin

To gently regulate your skin, start with cleansing, especially with gentle foaming gels boosted with balancing agents. We therefore track down all cleansing products rich in zinc, clays and sebo-regulating plants. Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Gel will be perfect for forgetting about any stubborn shine. Finally, if shine is associated with imperfections and your skin is not sensitive, you should like the Active Clay Cleanser Dermalogica.

For sensitive skin

One key word: gentleness! Reactive and inflamed, sensitive skin should be treated with care. Out with micellar waters and other detergents, we replace them with comfortable cleansers boosted with oatmeal, chamomile and other soothing active ingredients. If you are looking for a rich and creamy milk, Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Emulsion is for you. Finally, if your skin is at the end of its rope and can't tolerate anything, Pai Skincare Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser will bring it the comfort it needs.

For mature skin

For maximum results, we rely on multi-functional, ultra-complete cleansers.
If you're looking for a cleanser that also combines the power of exfoliation, Dermalogica's Skin Resurfacig Cleanser restores skin's radiance in just 1 minute. And for fans of organic and aromatic fluid milks, we have selected Tata Harper's Refreshing Cleanser.


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