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How to take care of your normal to combination skin?

The most common type of skin, normal to combination skin is characterized by an almost perfect balance, except that it can sometimes have a tendency to shine on the T-zone, as well as being dehydrated on the cheeks... We explain how to take care of it.  

Do you really have normal to combination skin?

There are certain signs that allow you to recognize normal to combination skin: 

  • A rather oily T-zone but with localized shine
  • Normal to dry cheeks and occasional tightness
  • Small pimples which appear in a punctual way
  • A sometimes dull complexion
  • An irregular skin texture dilated pores on the forehead, nose and/or chin
  • ... A routine that seems to be a headache to manage with a feeling of never having the right care!

What beauty routine should I adopt for my normal to combination skin?

Step 1: A double cleaning every night

Start with an oil or a make-up remover balm: this product will emulsify all the fatty substances present on the skin surface, such as sebum, pollution, make-up (including waterproof mascara!). It is therefore the most delicate way to eliminate shine without damaging or drying the skin.

To refine the result and clean deeply, we follow with a milk or a soft cleansing gel, even a foam. The advantage of normal to combination skin? You can easily change your cleanser according to your desires and needs. 

Step 2: A gentle exfoliation once or twice a week

Exfoliation is the "beautiful skin" gesture par excellence (provided that it is gentle and does not rhyme with irritation)! By eliminating excess dead cells, the facial scrub optimizes the penetration of the active ingredients, allows to gain in softness and brightness, while fighting against the small imperfections (spots, buttons, dilated pores).

Step 3: A care oil morning and/or evening

We complete our routine by nourishing and protecting our skin with a skin care oil adapted to your skin. Contrary to popular belief, oil mimics the skin's own sebum, gradually bringing shine under control.

And to go further...

To maximize the results of your routine, add a few well-chosen products to it: a mask for radiance, a local treatment for small pimples or a superfood supplement for top skin all year round! 

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