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Most of the time, the cleaning is done quickly. With fatigue, children... We think that a cotton ball of micellar water applied in a hurry does the job, and so much the worse if our skin tightens or reddens afterwards. Wrong! Not only is the skin not perfectly clean, but an unsuitable cleanser will accentuate minor skin problems.
To finally obtain a healthy and perfectly clean skin, we opt for the double cleansing: a cleansing in two stages associating an oil or a cleansing balm with a milk or a soft foaming gel. The advantage? The first oily step eliminates all impurities of an oily nature and the second step refines the work and begins to treat a skin problem (such as sensitivities, dehydration, or imperfections). 

Spotlight on the most common cleansing habits

Micellar water: at the beginning, this product was created for the backstage of the fashion shows, to remove the make-up of the tops, between 2 shows. These lotions are very rich in detergents that denature the hydrolipidic film. And who says altered lipidic barrier says hello to dehydration and sensitivities!

Make-up removing wipes: this is the same problem as micellar water: wipes are a nomadic product intended for exceptional use. The impurities are moved and not removed. There also, the skin can react by multiplying irritations and the small buttons.

Just water: to remove impurities, they need to be encapsulated in a "vehicle". Applying only water to your face is useless. Imagine the result if you did your dishes with just a little water...

The shower gel: intended for the body, this product is often stuffed with detergent foaming agents and dyes. It therefore causes a dissolution of the hydrolipidic film with the key to massive dehydration and sensitivities. (Feel free to highlight this passage for your significant other, men are often fans of this single-product cleansing method!)

Choosing your makeup remover

Contrary to popular belief, all skin types (yes, even combination and oily skin) can use a cleansing oil. It is even the best option to remove makeup and effectively eliminate all the impurities accumulated during the day. And that's because of a simple rule: oil attracts oil. Makeup, pollution and excess sebum are precisely the kind of fatty substances that oil will emulsify and eliminate, without being aggressive. So we stop wasting cotton pads and switch to cleansing oil, I promise it doesn't even take longer...    

For dry and dehydrated skin:

We indulge ourselves and opt for rich, creamy oils or even balms. To be massaged into dry skin and then rinsed with water, in addition to removing makeup, the oil will soften the skin and even nourish it thanks to the fatty acids it contains. This is what will reconcile you with the ritual of makeup removal, and no more tight skin! Then, we'll move on to the second cleanser, preferably a milk to perfect the cleansing.

For normal to combination skin

To reduce dehydration and regulate excess sebum, oil makeup remover has got it covered. The lucky ones with normal skin will be spoilt for choice between liquid oils or balms. For combination skin, opt for lighter oils which will comfort taught cheeks and the temperamental T-Zone.

For oily skin

Instinctively, we don't necessarily think of using an oil when we have oily skin: we're more tempted to use a good cleansing gel with an extra-fresh effect. Mistake! The sebum, playing the role of protector of the skin, is going to feel attacked and start again its production of more beautiful. To break this vicious circle, opt for a makeup remover oil containing plant oils with cleansing powers. Then, one will opt for a cleansing gel or clayey non-detergent, for a perfect skin.

For mature skin

Did you know that even after cleansing, you can fight against skin aging? Mature skin tends to lose lipids and consequently, to suffer from skin dryness more easily. We will therefore choose rich oils, or even balms to restore the lipid structure, rehydrate and even revitalize. Look for vitamins that will provide precious antioxidants for a reinforced anti-aging action!


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