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The serum is the ally of your cream. Far from being a "gadget" product, two small drops mixed with your moisturizer are enough to drastically improve the condition of your skin. The serum is in fact a real concentrate of active ingredients, which will penetrate deeply to deliver all its benefits: to remedy dehydration, treat imperfections or skin aging, spots... it is our secret weapon, to be applied daily or as a shock treatment!

Choose your serum

Choosing your serum is simple: first, you need to identify exactly what you want to improve on your skin. Is your complexion at half-mast? Small pimples? Chronically dehydrated skin? A lack of firmness or wrinkles that are starting to set in (a little too much)? Then comes the choice of texture: oily or watery? Mature or dry skin will prefer the first option, while dehydrated, combination to oily skin will prefer an aqueous consistency, which is more quickly absorbed. 

For skin looking for a glow

Exfoliating serums can literally make your skin look like new: vitamin C and fruit acids nibble away at the skin's surface to remove dead cells that dull the complexion. As a bonus, this type of serum even accelerates cell renewal for younger skin, longer! Starting at any age, skin exposed to pollution, prone to blemishes or even smokers will quickly become addicted to resurfacing serums! 

For dehydrated skin

No, several successive layers of creams will not be enough to rehydrate the most dehydrated skin... When the lack of water is too important, when the skin is tight and the fine lines of dehydration settle, it is time to act more deeply. And it is very often hyaluronic acid that is found in the formulas of this type of serum: this molecule capable of retaining 1000 times its weight in water will plump up the thirstiest skin! Including combination to oily skin... 

Case 2: I have pimples and sensitive skin

If irritation, redness, heat and dilated blood vessels are your daily discomfort, it is because your skin is sensitive. It can also be sensitive periodically (allergy, treatment...) and in all these cases, the soothing serum will be a real bandage! Cotton, chamomile, oatmeal, evening primrose are all active ingredients to be tracked down to provide both an anti-inflammatory and protective action, and even to reinforce your own defenses.  

For blemish prone skin

Whether you have a small pimple from time to time or permanently, you can always accelerate their disappearance thanks to anti-imperfection serums. Sanitizing but also healing, they also help rebalance sebum production to limit shine. We opt for clean formulas based on tea tree, zinc, tea tree, salicylic acid... while keeping a light hand so as not to dry out our already inflamed epidermis.  

For mature skin

Serums with a very moisturizing base such as hyaluronic acid and specific active ingredients (peptides, antioxidants, fruit acids) are used to deliver a deep anti-aging action and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis. Anti-aging serums also help protect the skin from external aggressions such as pollution or smoking, which accelerate its aging.


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