Sentara Holistic

Sentara Holistic

Sentara Holistic

Sentara Holistic

The power of energy stones to massage your skin.
"Reach for what is good for you" is the meaning of Sentara in the Basque language. Founded by make-up artist and litotherapy enthusiast Mayua Alleaume, Sentara offers a wide range of ethically sourced and handcrafted beauty tools, as well as other little treasures to help us bring more spirituality into our beauty rituals.

Why we love it:

  • Its uniquely shaped gua sha
  • Alleaume's spiritual outlook on beauty
  • The ethical origin of the materials
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The power of stones by Sentara Holistic

Sentara Holistic is a young beauty brand based on lithotherapy, a technique that involves using stones to improve health and well-being. Since she was very young, founder Mayia Alleaume has been interested in the powers of plants and minerals on the body. In constant contact with women through her job as a make-up artist, Mayia realised the need to design quality and personalised cosmetic products. So she created Sentara, "Going for what's good for you" in Basque.

The Sentara Holistic product range

At Oh My Cream, you can find the brand's iconic products. Each gua sha has unique properties. The Sentara Angel Skin Body Gua Sha is the ideal ally in the fight against cellulite and to reduce the feeling of heavy legs. The gua sha for the face boosts collagen production for plumper skin and less visible wrinkles. Sentara Holistic also offers rose quartz and rock crystal rollers. These beauty tools increase the properties of a moisturiser or a nourishing oil on the skin by boosting the penetration of the active ingredients. Magic Mushrooms are also great allies in the fight against under-eye bags and to decongest the eye area. Once used, these stones can be energetically recharged with sage sticks or Pablo Santo sticks (also offered by Sentara).

At Sentara Holistic, each stone has its own specific properties

Pink Qwartz, rock crystal, white jade, black obsidian, bian stone... Not sure which stone to choose? Here is all you need to know to find the stone that suits you! Rose quartz is the ally of sensitive skin and skin in search of firmness thanks to its soothing, regenerating and firming properties. You can find this crystal in the Gua Sha Cœur Quartz Rose, the Roller Quartz Rose or the Magic Mushroom Quartz Rose. Rock crystal has revitalising properties and brings radiance and vitality to the skin. It is the massage tool of choice for dull skin. A symbol of purity, white jade balances and harmonises skin lacking radiance and uniformity. Black obsidian is the healing stone that helps heal and rebuild the skin barrier. Finally, the Bian stone emits ultrasound to improve the oxygenation of blood flow and cells, also relaxing the muscles.

Sentara Holistic Rollers and Magic Mushrooms

If we had to choose only two products from Sentara, it would definitely be the rose quartz and rock crystal rollerballs and the Magic Mushrooms. The rollers are the perfect beauty tools for starting facials. Easy to use, they stimulate blood circulation, drain the lymphatic system and firm the face. Simply apply a treatment oil, the key step in the three essentials, or a cream and massage the skin starting at the bottom of the face and working your way up. Magic Mushrooms are one of our favourites! Indeed, they boost blood circulation under the eyes to fill the bags that have settled after too short a night. Simply apply the eye contour and massage up and down the eye from the inner to the outer corner. A moment of relaxation guaranteed!