What are the beauty products and techniques to reduce your wrinkles?

It is perfectly normal to want to delay the appearance of your first wrinkles. It is also normal to try to reduce them when they have finally taken up residence on your face. On the other hand, if we are here to help you adopt a adapted routine for a more tired skinBut we do not advocate anti-ageing absolutely! Ageing is a natural phenomenon and should not be denied. Don't forget that wrinkles are the memory of our life and our emotions ;-)

Understanding wrinkles

Around our 25th spring, our epidermis begins to slow down the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the molecules that create firm, plump skin. The skin then loses its elasticity and tone, allowing small wrinkles and expression lines to appear. fine lines and expression wrinkles. And the older we get, the more cell renewal slows down, causing the skin to become thinner and the hydrolipidic film, the protective barrier of our epidermis, to weaken. The skin therefore becomes more prone to dryness and dehydration, and therefore to the appearance of new wrinkles.

Around the age of 25-30, the first wrinkles that slowly appear are often the small wrinkles of dehydration, as the skin has more difficulty retaining water in its cells. Around the age of 40, it is the turn of expression lineswhich are deeper and mainly located around the forehead, eyes and mouth, start to appear.

To understand why and when wrinkles wrinkles appear, we need to look at three factors:

  • Genetics. Unfortunately, we are not all equal and some people have a genetic make-up that is less favourable to theappearance of wrinkles. But don't panic, genetics is only 20% responsible for this process.
  • Your environment. It is also a determining factor in your predisposition to wrinkles. Urban skins, in particular, are more exposed to pollution and therefore to free radicals that tire and dull the complexion. Overexposure to the sun is also a major factor. The effect of UV rays on the skin is well known, they are even the number one cause of skin ageing!

Your lifestyle. Depending on your habits, you may be more likely to see your first wrinkles earlier than others. The bad habits responsible for this premature ageing are smoking and alcohol consumption, excessive stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and sugar abuse.

The virtues of anti-wrinkle cream

For those who are looking for the miracle anti-wrinkle creamknow that it does not exist. The anti-wrinkle cream is not intended to erase the signs of ageing, once they have appeared, they will not disappear with the help of a cream. The two main actions of the anti-wrinkle cream are to prevent the first signs of ageing from appearing and to reduce them once they have appeared.

To understand the virtues and action of anti-wrinkle creamTo understand the virtues and action of anti-wrinkle cream, let's take a look at the ingredients to look out for in anti-ageing skin care products.

  • Stabilized Vitamin C: The vitamin anti-wrinkle and healthy glow par excellence! It boosts collagen production and its antioxidant action helps to fight against the effects of free radicals.
  • Retinol: The anti-wrinkle and anti-spot agent! Retinol, also known as Vitamin A, boosts the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates cell regeneration through its exfoliating action.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: The star moisturising ingredient! Its plumping effect comes from its ability to boost collagen production and boost the skin's elasticity. It can be compared to a sponge that retains water in the tissues well below the surface layer
  • Glycolic Acid: The star of radiant complexions! This fruit acid exfoliates the skin to leave it clearer, more radiant, with less irregularity and all this, thanks to a boost in cell regeneration! 
  • Peptides: The proteins that wake up the most tired skin! These small molecules reactivate the mechanisms of mature skin and therefore promote the production of collagen to slow down thethe appearance of wrinkles.
  • MSM: The high-tech anti-ageing active ingredient! MSM, MethylSufonylMethane by its full name, is the new anti-wrinkle active ingredient to track down. It reduces skin inflammation, helps the skin strengthen its defences and stimulates the collagen production mechanisms in particular.
anti-wrinkle face cream

How to choose your anti-wrinkle cream?

As with every beauty product, the first thing to consider when choosing a anti-wrinkle cream cream is the following: your skin is unique! As such, what has worked for one person may not be the most suitable treatment for you. Depending on your skin type and your main concern, here is what we recommend:

In addition to the signs of ageing, my main concern is the ...

... My sensitive skin: Chamomile & Rosehip Soothing Day Cream, Pai Skincare

... My imperfections : Vanilla Pod Day Cream, Antipodes

... My shine: Hydra-Repair Day Cream Camellia Flower & Geranium, Grown Alchemist

... My dull complexion: Bio Retinoid Anti-Aging Cream, Ren Clean Skincare

... My dehydrated skin: Youthful Light Remodelling Cream, Patyka

... My overexposure to pollution : Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment, Allies of Skin

... The appearance of spots: SPF30 Vitamin Face Cream, Oskia

... My dry skin: Rich Cream, Tata Harper

How to best accompany your anti-wrinkle cream?

It's not all about the anti-wrinkle cream. To delay the signs of ageing, you need to adopt a complete beauty routine!

Our 3 steps beauty routine

Double cleanse

It all starts with double cleansing. It is essential to cleanse the skin well to rid it of all the accumulations of the day which tire it, dull it and slow down cell regeneration. We therefore opt for a balm or a cleansing oil to remove all traces of polluting agents. We then apply a cleansing gel or emulsion to refine the result and cleanse deeply

Gentle exfoliation

Exfoliation is probably one of the most important things you can do to prevent first wrinkles. Indeed, it favours cell regeneration and thus preserves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Skincare oil

We finish these 3 essential steps with a care oil to protect our skin. This will nourish the hydrolipidic film that serves as your natural protective barrier and that weakens as you age. Skin care oil will therefore help to maintain a good level of hydration and slow down thethe appearance of the first wrinkles.

The anti-wrinkle serum

Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formulations and its ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis, the anti-wrinkle serum serum is a great ally in treating and preventing the first signs of ageing. Combined with your anti-wrinkle creamthe serum will be the final touch to a complete anti-ageing routine! Here are our favourite anti-wrinkle serums.