How to take care of your skin with dry brushing?

You may have heard of dry brushing or dry body brushes. But do you really know what it is for? Also known as "gharshana", dry brushing is one of the rituals of the age-old tradition of Ayurveda, the gentle medicine from India. With its synthetic or natural bristles and through a very particular technique, this one is recognized for its multiple benefits of which that to give a blow of whip to your body as of the morning or to detoxify you the evening before the bath. To better understand this technique, we have prepared a short guide...

Who is dry brushing for? 

We might think that using a dry brush on the body is only for dry skin, without any concern for sensitivity. Well, there are a variety of brushes available today for different skin types and with different benefits. The brand Ruhi brand offers different types of brushes made by hand in Germany. The Classic Body Brush is ideal for those who wish to discover dry brushing. Universal, it is suitable for all skin types for an effective exfoliation without scratching. The Ionic Body Brush is the ultimate ally for dry brushing pros! Its copper wires increase the effectiveness of dry brushing on the skin. Sensitive skin can rely on The Soft Dry Brushwhich is perfectly suited to the most fragile skin types. Finally, we also offer a brush Oh My Cream Skincare. Universal, it detoxifies and exfoliates thanks to its vegan bristles.

What are the benefits of dry brushing? 

We can only recommend this age-old tradition, which has multiple benefits for both your well-being and the aesthetic aspect it provides. Indeed, a few minutes a day of dry brushing is enough to reduce the feeling of heavy legs and to eliminate dead cells. Have you ever heard of "lymphatic drainage"? Using a dry brush stimulates your lymphatic system, helping to eliminate toxins and improve the immune system. Finally, dry brushing helps to tighten your skin tissue and prevent stretch marks and cellulite.

How to use it?

Dry brushing is always done from the bottom up. On dry skin, gently brush your body from your feet to your knees, then up to your thighs and from your wrists to your shoulders. Finally, make circular movements on the chest and upper back. Repeat these movements for 5 to 10 minutes a day. Once the body has been brushed, take a shower (preferably not too hot) to remove dead cells and then moisturise the skin with a body lotion or a nourishing oil.


How can you incorporate dry brushing into your skincare routine? 

Dry brushing fits perfectly into your daily routine without spending an hour in the bathroom ;-) In the morning, it wakes up your body. In the evening, on the other hand, it gives you a moment of relaxation. Beneficial all year round, in winter it has the advantage of warming up your body. You can also dry-brush before sport to warm up your muscles and after training to combat muscle fatigue and limit muscle soreness. After your dry brushing, we advise you to use gentle skin care products and to moisturise your skin. After a few days of use, you will already notice the difference. 

Convinced? All you have to do is go for it :-)