Facial scrub: the key to beautiful skin

If using a facial scrub is one of our 3 essential gestures, it's because it can remedy many beauty problems. Among them: boosting the complexion's radiance, preventing imperfections and refining the skin's texture. And that's just it... whatever our skin type! Find out why facial scrubs are an essential part of any beauty routine, how to apply them properly and, above all, find your facial scrub suitable for you!

Why can facial scrub change your skin? 

Whether it is a facial scrub exfoliating lotion to be applied with a cotton pad or a mask, all exfoliation works in the same way. Based on fruit acid, salicylic acid or enzymes, the facial scrub is made up of active ingredients capable of eliminating the dead cells present on the surface of the epidermis. Very often, they are the first responsible for a dull complexion... Finally, depending on its power, it can penetrate more or less deeply into the layers of the skin. Once the first layer of dead cells has been eliminated, the facial scrub attacks the pores, which it will unclog in depth. By unclogging the pores, the facial scrub not only treats imperfections, but also prevents their appearance by eliminating excess sebum. Through this action, it also treats blackheads and microcysts, those subcutaneous pimples that are often difficult to eliminate... Finally, the facial scrub is capable of reducing the appearance of pigment spots, but also of boosting cell renewal. Yes, when you exfoliate your skin, you send it the message to generate new skin cells. Not only does this prevent skin ageing, but it also helps to reduce the vestiges of old imperfections that have left their mark. As you can see, exfoliation has only good things to offer to all skin types.

How to choose your facial scrub?

Because the choice for your face scrub can quickly turn into a headache because of the quantity available (and sometimes because of the fear of using one that is too strong for your skin), here are a few tips to help you... Let's start by breaking down a common misconception: yes, dry skin and sensitive skin can be exfoliated, provided that they use a suitable facial scrub. They can, for example, turn to a Exfoliating Powder without grains and based on enzymes, the most gentle method of exfoliation. Normal skin (without sensitivities) can opt for a fairly gentle peel, for example using exfoliating discs with fruit acids. Mixed to oily skin prone to imperfections and not sensitive, can allow itself a more powerful facial scrub, which combines for example salicylic acid with activated charcoal. Finally, if you have mature skin, the exfoliant of choice may be hidden in an anti-ageing peeling serumbased on retinol. This is one of the most effective serums for boosting the radiance of the complexion, but also for treating the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and loss of firmness, or skin marked by pigmentation spots.

Finally, for the face, we do not particularly recommend homemade face scrubs: in fact, they are often made with sugar grains or powdered oats, which can be abrasive for many skins. It is better to use ready-made formulas that also have the right dosage for each ingredient and respect the skin's pH. 

Our application tips for your facial scrub

Before using a face scrub, make sure it is not too strong for your skin. If in doubt, please contact us, we will be happy to help you! Finally, for a facial scrub to be 100% effective, it is important to have good beauty habits alongside it. Among the most essential, an exfoliation can only be fully effective if the skin is perfectly cleansed. The use of natural make-up products (especially for the complexion) is also essential: bad silicones that clog the pores cause imperfections. Apply your facial scrub on wet skin and use very gentle circular movements. Depending on the type of scrub, you can leave the product on while others must be rinsed off. It is therefore important to follow the instructions for each product. After your exfoliation, you can apply a face mask Just avoid masks that still contain exfoliating agents. Finally, don't forget to moisturise your skin with a moisturising cream or a care oil. In summer or if you are exposed to the sun, always use a sun cream as exfoliation is photosensitising.

Now you're ready to make this part of your beauty routine! If you are unsure about your choice of facial scrub or if you've never used one before, we advise you to opt for the gentlest one possible to let your skin get used to it. Finally, always choose natural scrubs: they are more respectful of your skin and the environment. We can also help you by email, chat and phone (contact details at the bottom of our page).