How to take care of your eye area?

Because this area of the face, due to its thinness and fragility, requires special attention, investing in the right product is a real investment in the long term. And yet, the eye contour We give you all the information you need to understand its importance and, above all, how to choose it properly ;-)

Why take care of your eye area?

The eye area is a fragile area where the skin, which is very thin, is particularly solicited by the blinking of the eyes or the expressions of your face. It is therefore the first area of the face to show the the first signs of ageing. And after a bad night, small bags or dark circles can easily appear. Therefore, the eye area really deserves all your attention.

But did you know that there are also things to avoid doing in this area during your routine? To begin with, the care products applied to the area must be really adapted because a product that is too rich and applied too close to the eye could simply overload the area... and cause puffiness when you wake up. You should also avoid applying your day cream (especially when it has a rich texture) on this part of the face and make sure you stop at the eye contour bone without getting too close to the eyes. This helps to avoid grains of milium, those little clusters of keratin that look like little white dots around the eye and sometimes on the eyelids.

oh my cream eye contour

How to apply eye cream correctly?

There is no point in buying the best eye contour product if you don't apply it properly every day. So every day, morning and night, apply the equivalent of a grain of rice to the tips of your two index fingers. Warm the product between your fingers and apply it from the temple to the inner corner of the eye, passing over the bone around the eyes. Move up to the inner corner and smooth the eyebrow back towards the temple. Make these circular movements at least 3 times or until the product is almost completely absorbed. Finally, make a smoothing movement from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple. And if you have applied too much, a little tip: you can either leave it on as an eye mask or apply it to the lip contour to plump up this area where the skin is also very thin and thus smooth out small wrinkles.

How to choose your eye contour?

Like every product in your beauty routine, the eye contour should be chosen according to your skin type. Here, the main criterion will be the degree of sensitivity, as the eye area is fragile and can react very quickly to a poorly adapted composition. Next, think about your main concern: is it your dark circles, puffiness, or those wrinkles and fine lines or those wrinkles and fine lines that are coming to the forefront? Finally, you can also choose your product according to its texture: are you more of a serum or eye contour cream ? Balm or eye mask ? And to help you, here is our selection to find at Oh My Cream!

oh my cream skincare eye balm

The eye contour with a refreshing gel texture 

Eye Rescue Stick Line A, Susanne Kaufmann

For whom? All looks, even the most sensitive.

This roll-on eye contour with a refreshing gel texture decongests, smoothes and moisturizes the eye contour area for a fresh and relaxed look. It is perfect for eyes tired by screens and provides an immediate fresh effect! All this in a pleasant and comforting texture that penetrates quickly. Tip: keep it in the fridge for an immediate decongesting and refreshing effect.


The eye contour cream in a universal and comforting balm texture

Eye Contour Balm, Oh My Cream Skincare

For whom? All looks, even the most dry and sensitive.

A eye contour cream An ultra-comforting eye cream that intensely moisturizes the delicate eye contour area, smoothes fine lines and diminishes the appearance of dark circles. Designed for all eyes (even the most sensitive) and all ages, it pampers tired and uncomfortable eye contours thanks to its balm-like texture... but without the fat! Tip: for dry skin or really dehydrated eyes, apply a larger quantity to transform it into an eye mask.

Eye contour care with probiotics

Brightening Eye Serum, Aurelia Probiotic

For whom: Tired, dehydrated eyes that are prone to the first wrinkles. Also suitable for sensitive eyes.

We love the creamy, fast-absorbing texture of this eye contour with probiotics. Its serum texture moisturizes, smoothes and illuminates, for a rested look. Tip: For a more targeted action on wrinkles, mix one dose of Brightening Eye Serum with one dose of our Probiotic Concentrate.


Eye contour with vitamin C

Biolumin-C Eye Serum, Dermalogica

For whom: All looks, also ideal for an eye area prone to pigmentation spots.

This serum for the eye contour serum This light-textured eye serum illuminates, moisturizes and relaxes the eyes while preventing wrinkles thanks to its star ingredient, the vitamin C complex. It works synergistically to fight oxidative stress and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.