For eliminate blackheadsNever deviate from the rule of perfect cleaning. Your rigour will be well rewarded. There are many sensible remedies for blackheads, including using non-comedogenic skin care products, resisting the temptation to touch them, and adopting targeted skin care products. Sebaceous glands that work a little too hard, a thickened epidermis, bacteria that get in the way: all of this creates an inflammatory terrain conducive to the appearance of blackheads or pimples. We explain how to remove blackheads without making your blemishes worse.

How is a blackhead formed?

The blackheads or "open comedones" form mainly on the face around the nose, but also on the rest of the T-zone, namely the forehead and chin. The blackheads can also occur on the chest, back and shoulders. A blackhead is an accumulation of impurities (a mixture of sebum and dead cells) in a pore of the skin and the formation of a plug which oxidises on contact with the air and becomes black. These dead cells will come to block the canal, allowing blackheads to appear. If they are not treated, they will develop into whiteheads and then pimples. An excess of sebum and dead cells prevents the pores from closing.

What causes blackheads?

The appearance of blackheads can be explained by various factors. The main causes are :

  •  Puberty and hormonal changes. The production or intake of hormones activates the sebaceous glands responsible for the production of sebum. Throughout life, these hormonal factors (taking the pill, menopause, etc.) will make the skin more reactive and encourage the appearance of blackheads.
  • The use of so-called comedogenic cosmetics. These are often fatty substances or occlusive make-up products.
  • Poor skin hygiene. If you don't take the time to clean your facial skin once a day 
  • Oily or combination skin is more affected by blackheads. The pores are much more dilated and produce more sebum than dry skin.
  • Diet: A diet that is too fatty upsets the digestive system's purification process and it is our skin that suffers the consequences, with the result being a dull complexion, visible pores and shine. Excess sugar also wreaks havoc on the skin.

In short, small upheavals (whether external or internal) that disrupt our daily lives.

How can I get pimple and blackhead free skin?

  • We advise you to avoid mineral oils, which can suffocate oily skin and stimulate imperfections.
  • Avoid fiddling with your face during the day: dirty hands only aggravate the situation... Forget about it: nail biting to try to remove them, it's the best way to leave scars.
  • We reflect on our lifestyle, a factor that has a major influence on blemishes and adult acne. We take some time to review our daily rhythm, our diet, our habits and our stress level.
  • For get rid of blackheads, Do not treat your skin as if it were oily and try to remove it at all costs. If you hesitate between two products, always take the gentler one.

Which products to use against blackheads?

  1. For the double cleaning every evening, the Precleanse Dermalogica with the Clarifying Cleanser Tata Harper
  2. We then clean up with an enzymatic or chemical scrub applied once or twice a week, its action will clean the pores and calm the inflammation. We use the Exfoliating Powder Oh My Cream Skincare
  3. Finish with a gentle purifying mask that will deep cleanse once dead skin cells have been removed. The Detox Charcoal Mask Patyka plays this role very well.

When you are looking for products to eliminate blackheadsWhen you are looking for products to eliminate blackheads, the ingredients to look for are: Vitamin A (belonging to the retinol family) for its smoothing and resurfacing action, Tea Tree extract, a powerful antibacterial agent that soothes and fights against imperfections, Propolis, a healing agent that also regulates sebum production, and Sulphur, which helps undesirable pimples to disappear quickly.