How to use a face roll-on?

The quest for smooth, plump and luminous skin can sometimes seem complicated... To (finally) make a difference and increase the effectiveness of your skincare routine, the use of a beauty tool can clearly help to take your beauty routine up a notch. This is the case with the roll-on : Straight from Asia, this beauty accessory has many benefits. But to see its effectiveness, you have to use it correctly! We explain everything to you.

Roll on in jade, in quartz...How to choose it?

Jade stone, rose quartz, opal... Roll-ons can be cut from different stones. But it is above all the massage technique used that is the main source of benefits. However, according to lithotherapy, each stone has different virtues. At Oh My Cream, we offer three different materials. Symbolically, our rose quartz roll-on for example, is made of the "stone of love", the Jade Roller d'Herbivore Botanicals from the stone of happiness. Finally, the Rock Crystal Rollerball from Sentara Holistic is derived from the stone of clarity, and is said to amplify our inner light...

How do you incorporate the roll-on into your routine?

The roll-on face can be used in the morning as well as in the evening. The principle is simple, you just have to make light smoothing movements with a light pressure on the whole face, from the inside to the outside. This will relax your facial muscles and boost your lymphatic system. Repeat the movements at least 10 times. Its advantage is also that it is less "technical" than a gua sha, so it is perfectly accessible to novices :)

  • To decongest and smooth wrinkles around the eyes To decongest and smooth wrinkles around the eye area: Use the small roller to move from the inside of the eye to the outside.

  • To firm up the oval of the face To firm up the face: Always move upwards from the bottom of the neck to the chin and jawline with the large roller.

  • To smooth out forehead wrinkles: Start from the centre of the forehead and work outwards.

Our tip: To optimize the decongestant effect, place the roll-on in a cool place before use. Between each use, remember to rinse it with clear water and dry it well.

What are the effects of a massage with a face roll-on? 

The benefits of the roll-on facial are multiple. It acts on the lymphatic system as well as on the elasticity of your skin.

  • Smoother, brighter skin
  • Reduced wrinkles 
  • Less visible dark circles and a less tired eye area
  • Firmer skin, redefined contours 

Please note: the effectiveness of the roll-on also depends to a large extent on your regularity. In order to achieve results, it is essential to use it every day or every other day. 

How do you optimise the effectiveness of a facial roll-on? 

We recommend that you use your roll-on face always on clean and dry skin. So, the first step is to remove your make-up and clean your face with for example our Cleansing oil and our Cleansing Foam. The face roll-on also enhances the effects of a serum or oil. You can apply one of your skin care products after cleansing your skin and then, after applying your serum or oil, start your massage with your roll-on, which you have placed in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Finally, to energetically recharge your roll-onyou can leave it in a bowl of water for a few hours or pass it through the smoke of a stick of Palo Santo.