How to apply your eyeliner properly?

What's best? Apply an eyelid base first, then with the help of theeye liner start at the outer corner of the eye in the shape of a comma. This may seem counter-intuitive, but starting with the most difficult part of the eye makes sure that if you mess up, you can correct it more easily :) Then continue with a thin line, along the lash line, as flush as possible. You can then gradually thicken the line. Keep in mind: the application can be slightly different depending on your eyes and the type of liner you are going to use. Here is a little beginner's eye liner tutorial that will help you to master your eye makeup!

How to apply eyeliner (step by step)  

  1. Position yourself well: First of all, when applying your eyeliner, it is important to be in a comfortable position. It is best to apply it in front of a fixed mirror and at eye level. The trick that changes everything from the start? Press your elbow firmly against a flat surface: it's very simple, but it prevents you from shaking and therefore missing your line! To apply your eyelinerTo apply eyeliner, there is no need to pull the eyelid too much. We sometimes tend to stretch the eyelid, thinking that this will make us more precise... However, by releasing, you risk getting smudges all over your eyelid and above all, ending up with a completely different line than the one you expected.
  2. The eyeliner base To make your eyeliner stand out, use an eye shadow base.ase of eye shadow Ilia eye shadow (or concealer), to be applied beforehand by dabbing it onto the entire eyelid. This will prevent your line from fading during the day.
  3. The comma Start by drawing the comma. To position it perfectly, look straight ahead in the mirror and draw a small line from the outside of your eyelid towards the end of the tail of your eyebrow. You can then extend this comma outwards to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the style you want.
  4. The line Draw the line, again starting from the outside, as if to join the comma. The line should be thin, flush with the lashes. Work on the line thickness gradually so that the line is not too thick in the inner corner of the eye. Indeed, this zone must be absolutely the place where the line is the thinnest, not to "shrink" or harden the look. The line then thickens slightly in the middle of the eye and then becomes very subtly thinner again towards the comma.
  5. Same thing for the second eye... but to begin with, always refer to the angle of the line you just made on the first eye. For extend the look it is really important not to make a line too thick all along the eyelid, but only in the corner.

What if I messed up? You can use a cotton swab soaked in a drop of micellar water, a real magic eraser that will leave no trace!

Which liner for my eyes? 

In general, it is important to remember that a line ofeye liner is the most universal and often the most flattering. But if you are looking for a sixties look, opt for a thicker line. However, the thicker the line and the thicker the comma, the more radical the style will be, and therefore the more difficult it will be to achieve ;-) Finally, thick lines are best reserved for younger people, as they can tend to harden the eyes. Especially as we age, the skin is less taut: the line can then appear less straight, more blurred and even underline the wrinkles. Prefer a softer line, even drawn with a brown rather than a black. If your eyes are quite round, a thin, long line is ideal to cancel out the round effect. If you have almond-shaped eyes, you can afford a thicker line.

The do's and don'ts of eye liner 

  • The line should always be thinner towards the inside of the eye (otherwise it narrows the eyes)
  • You can curl your lashes right after applying your eyeliner to really open up your eyes and extend your lashes 
  • Always rest your elbow on a flat surface for support and to avoid shaking 
  • Look in front of you, at the right height and don't close your eyes
  • Start with the comma first, then work your way down the line
  • Never jump in freehand and in one go  

What type of eye liner should I use? 

L'eye liner pencil like the Eye Pencil Jane Iredalefor a softer, blurrier look. It is recommended for slightly more pronounced or older looks.

L'felt-tip eyeliner with the Clean Line Liquid Eye Liner Ilia is easier to use and is recommended for beginners.

L'gel eyeliner (pot) with a brush such as the Mystikol Jane Iredale This format is more for the "regulars" because you also have to think about how to measure the quantity.

To create a smoky look, we can blend our eyeliner line with our finger or with a fine bevelled brush, with which we will have taken a little black powder to accentuate the blurred effect.