Tried and tested... A course of LED skincare treatments

Last addition to our London concept store’s treatment menu, LED treatments are known to have renewal and repair powers! Ellie, Oh My Cream’s head of content and social, tested our in-store LED treatments to help with blemishes, and here is her review! 

What exactly are LEDs?

LEDs are a type of therapy known as photobiomodulation whereby a low-level electric current is passed through a diode that then emits light. This light is a form of energy or ‘proton’  which can penetrate the skin down to the level of the mitochondria where the cells’ energy is stored, thereby promoting the production of Adénosine-TriphosPhate (aka cellular energy). In a nutshell, it helps to regenerate and repair the skin.


Each type of skin problem can be targeted with a specific light colour as wavelengths differ and can each have a specific effect on the skin. The good news? They can be combined!

Ellie’s experience with LEDS

LEDs have been a part of the various different skincare treatments I’ve tested over the years (as part of a peel for example or after a Korean lift treatment). But this is different as it’s a treatment that’s 100% LED. I lie down in a very cosy treatment room where my skin is thoroughly double cleansed with Oh My Cream Skincare Make-up Removing Balm and Cleansing Jelly. A brief diagnosis to work out my needs later, it’s clear my skin is really misbehaving at the moment. To treat the little spots around the bottom of my face, we opt for a two-phase treatment. First of all, blue LEDs in order to purify, then infrared to help the skin to heal.

“Since the whole process is completely pain-free, I found, to my surprise, I could really relax and make the most of having some time to myself.”

Glasses protect my eyes for the duration of the LED treatment session with little pads on each eye so that I’m comfortable for the next 20 minutes or so. Once the programme has been chosen, the lights show begins! Even with my eyes closed, the strength of the lights means I can tell where I am in the programme. It’s a little surprising at first but you get used to it. Since the whole process is completely pain-free, I find, to my surprise, that I can really relax and make the most of having some time to myself.

Once the session has finished, it’s time for a layer of Oh My Cream Skincare Universal Cream and Sun Protection Face Cream SPF50+. Thanks to the facialist’s magic touch I leave with that post-facial glow that we all love!

The benefits of LED skincare treatments

After just one session my skin already looks more radiant and I have fewer spots on my chin. To optimise the results we decide to carry on the course with sessions, two per week. 

In my case, the first four sessions were particularly amazing. The spots cleared up and the quality of my skin was much improved (more even and less red). However, just before the last two sessions, I had a relapse! The spots came back and my skin looked a lot less lovely. I felt a bit depressed but told myself that it was all part of the natural regeneration process as the skin detoxifies

Bingo! After the last two sessions, the spots cleared up again, completely this time, despite the fact that I had PMT and was super stressed because of moving house. 


One month after my last session, my skin is much healthier and the spots haven’t come back. I decide to carry on with one LED session per month to keep my skin in good condition and I also completely change my skincare routine when I discover Hervé Herau (of which more later!).


So, for me LEDs have become a new regular ritual in my skincare regime which has become increasingly minimalist and effective! Holistic beauty can have that effect! 

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