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Bestsellers edit: meet our most-loved products

Meet iconic treatments that beauty editors are raving about and that have changed our customers’ skin, also known as the 5 most loved products on our shelves! Bestsellers in their own category and must-haves that your clean routine needs. Discover the Oh My Cream Top 5.

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#seo : makeup removing oil

Elected best makeup-removing oil

Oh My Cream Skincare Makeup Removing Oil, 1112 reviews and 5 stars

They loved it: “I first bought it in a travel size to test its effectiveness and... I quickly purchased the full size. Love at first sight. I suffer from hormonal acne, and the Makeup Removing Oil properly cleanses my skin without weighing it down or leaving a too-greasy film. Sunscreen, makeup, AND waterproof mascara all come off very well. I recommend it and I thank the teams for the superb formula.. :)” - M.F

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Elected best exfoliant

Oh My Cream Skincare Exfoliating Powder, 632 reviews and 5 stars

They loved it: “I've been using this powder for years with immense happiness. It smells nice, it's pleasant and effective, and at the same time, very gentle on the skin. To top it off, its price is not excessive.” - Irma

#seo : plumping cream oh my cream

Elected best anti-ageing cream

Oh My Cream Skincare Plumping Cream, 65 reviews and 5 stars

They loved it: “Needing a lot of hydration and targeted treatment for the first signs of ageing and wrinkles, this cream fits my expectations perfectly. My skin is well moisturised and doesn't feel sticky after application. It's visibly more beautiful, and the marks/fine lines are less noticeable very quickly. I approve and will repurchase! The big plus: its very pleasant scent!” - C

#seo : face cream oh my cream

Elected best moisturising cream

Oh My Cream Skincare Universal Cream, 589 reviews and 5 stars

They loved it: “I've tried many, many (too many) creams and none of them suited me. It must be said that my skin type is quite complicated... I had late-onset acne and I've just finished a course of Roaccutane treatment, so I needed to find a non-comedogenic cream that addresses my dry skin issues caused by the treatment. Well, here it is, I've found the perfect cream, and on top of that, it has an incredible composition and an impeccable finish on the skin. I recommend it 1000% ” - Doriane

#seo : mineral powder foundation

Elected best foundation

Oh My Cream Skincare Mineral Powder Foundation SPF20, 153 reviews and 5 stars

They loved it: “I don't really wear a lot of makeup, but I'm really pleased with this powder. It's almost imperceptible but does the job very well, with satisfactory coverage for a light makeup look.” - Amélie

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