Phenomenol EGF anti-ageing serum.
BioEffect is the incredible story of an anti-ageing serum that, in just 5 months, has made its way into the bathrooms of nearly 20% of Icelandic women! Now, the brand is branching out to make treatments based on the EGF molecule in barley, which is capable of reversing the visible signs of ageing and restoring the skin's natural elasticity and radiance. Bioeffect products are manufactured in Iceland and the barley is grown in an ecological greenhouse, relying on energy from Icelandic volcanoes for a neutral CO2 footprint.

Why we love it:

  • All formulas are based on the precious EGF molecule
  • Its advanced anti-ageing performance
  • Its sustainable production
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BioEffect, the exceptional anti-ageing product

Have you ever heard of BioEffect? If so, you probably know that when it comes to clean anti-ageing skin care, the Icelandic brand has set the bar very high. Its trump card? The precious molecule EGF - Epidermal Growth Factor. At birth, babies' skin is full of this growth factor molecule, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and helps retain water in the tissues, which explains their soft, plump cheeks... But as we age, EGF production decreases and that's when BioEffect comes in! With its skin care products, the brand replenishes the body's natural reserves of EGF and helps preserve skin cells to slow down the ageing process. What is even more unique about BioEffect is the purity of the molecule: they are the first to have developed an effective EGF of plant origin.

BioEffect EGF Serum, an elixir of youth

The brand's success story began with the release of its best-seller, Bioeffect EGF Serum. Only a few months after its release, this cult treatment had been adopted by 20% of Icelandic women, just by word of mouth! The BioEffect Serum's effective action is indeed seductive: by reversing the signs of ageing, treating hydration and improving the radiance of the complexion, it guarantees an impressive "beautiful skin" effect. And the best part? No one is left out and all skin types, even the most sensitive, can use this skincare gem. So if you're concerned about dehydration, wrinkles, loss of firmness or lack of radiance, you can rely on the EGF BioEffect Serum.

Opt for a BioEffect routine!

To our delight, a whole range of products has been developed around the BioEffect EGF Serum! The 30 Day Treatment, for example, has a lot to offer. This powerful 30-day treatment, with its 3 times higher concentration of EGF than the BioEffect Serum, will appeal to those who want to fight the signs of ageing intensively. For an immediate effect and a cocooning moment, the Empreinte Hydrogel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid also delights even the most sensitive skin looking for a super-powerful anti-ageing mask. Finally, because the body must also be pampered to help it survive the years, BioEffect has developed the Body Intensive Serum, rich in hyaluronic acid and EGF to deeply moisturise, restore elasticity and firmness.

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