Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin

Specialist for Coloured Hair.
Hair stylist to the stars, Christophe Robin decided to launch his own line of hair care products in 1999, originally designed for professional use. From his iconic Lemon Washing Cream, which launched the "low 'poo" movement, to the cult Prickly Pear Regenerating range for dry hair, Christophe Robin products are now accessible to all and offer all hair types results that will make you look salon-fresh without leaving your home.

Why we love it:

  • Robin's expertise in working with dyed hair
  • The brand's cult products
  • Addictive signature fragrances
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Christophe Robin products... in our bathroom!

Christophe Robin is one of our favourite clean brands for hair care. And as you know, at Oh My Cream, we love beautiful, inspiring and meaningful stories... After colouring the hair of top models and film actresses such as Elle MacPherson, Claudia Schiffer and Vanessa Paradis, the first Christophe Robin products were born in 1999. The desire was to take part in the "low poo" fashion, the aim of which was to promote shampoos with simpler formulations, without stripping agents, in short, clean natural shampoos! Today, Christophe Robin shampoos and Christophe Robin masks are among the references in natural hair care. And if we like them so much, it is all the more for the expertise of coloured hair that he brings in his products. Christophe Robin's famous shading product sums up this point perfectly.

Discover Christophe Robin products

Why not retrace the advent of Christophe Robin products through the presentation of ranges that have become iconic? Indeed, the brand has developed flagship ranges, most of which are composed of a Christophe Robin shampoo and mask. The moisturising duo is our favourite! It is composed of the Moisturizing Shampoo with Aloe Vera and the Moisturizing Mask. The brand also offers a shampoo for coloured hair considered as the Rolls of shampoos for coloured hair, for a soft and ultra-nourishing wash!

The rose range reveals the repairing, antioxidant and soothing benefits of rose hip, rose centifolia and rosa gallica. The Volumising Washing Paste with Rassoul is perfect for fine hair lacking density or volume and we love its innovative texture and its amazing effectiveness... Combine it with Christophe Robin's Natural Volume Mist with Rose for perfectly detangled hair, without weighing down your hair and while maintaining your colouring (if your hair is coloured)

Finally, it is the turn of the range with rare prickly pear oil to delight our senses with its addictive fragrance! The Christophe Robin Regenerating Prickly Pear Oil Mask is a real nourishing nugget, ideal for deep conditioning of the most damaged hair. This oil is all the more incredible because it has antioxidant and regenerating properties to repair your hair in depth. And after application, your hair will never have been so smooth and shiny!

Today, there are more Christophe Robin products! You will find many others on our eshop, such as the Colour Shield Mask, to regain the shine of the first day of your colouring in one application.