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Cut By Fred

The vegan and cool brand from celebrity hairdresser Fred
Cut By Fred began several years ago as a blog by celebrity hairstylist Frédéric Birault. The blog gained almost instant success thanks to Fred's simple and often offbeat hairdressing tutorials. Now, Cut By Fred boats a highly acclaimed haircare line that will help you rediscover your hair's natural vitality thanks to easy-to-use vegan and natural formulas. If that wasn't enough, some of the products are refillable, so you can care for your hair and for the planet.

Why we love it :

  • Its ultra-clean formulas
  • Expert cutting-edge hair care
  • Zero waste refills
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Cut By Fred, a vision of simple and natural hairdressing

Cut By Fred is above all a different vision of hairdressing, an emancipation from a rather traditional and not always so crazy environment. At the origin of all this, Frédéric Birault, a young 33 year old hairdresser who studied with the greatest hairdressers between Paris and New York. He began his artistic career by styling the hair of famous film actresses such as Vanessa Paradis, alternating between photo shoots and film shoots... At the same time, his need for expression, freedom and his desire to share his vision of hairdressing led him to create Cut By Fred, the blog that all fashion and beauty enthusiasts visit for its fun tutorials and advice on how to do hair in an accessible way.

Her skincare line? A "slow cosmetics" range composed only of daily essentials, perfectly formulated and respectful of our environment. Fred imagines the products he has always dreamed of, simple, fun and long-lasting... and above all with amazing results! Noticing that consumers often wash their hair badly or rather "too much" and not enough the scalp, he starts his development with the Détox Stick Shampoo, a solid shampoo in stick. At the same time, the Cut By Fred studio was born, a hair salon whose credo is "to take the hair out of women's hands". Gone are the ultra-sophisticated and cardboardy brushings, Fred and his team are not there to "transform" but to reveal the natural beauty of each woman.

Cut By Fred shampoos

Go for soft and shiny hair with the Vegan Hydration Shampoo Cut By Fred, a vegan hydrating shampoo for the whole family. It gently washes and moisturises normal to dry hair. Its regressive and delicious almond fragrance is a pure delight and its active ingredients are perfect for clean and shiny hair, thanks to the amino acid salt naturally present in the human body, and its 100% natural surfactants.

The Vegan Detox Shampoo Cut By Fred is a purifying vegan shampoo. It washes and detoxifies all scalps that need to be purified without being damaged. It is ideal for fine hair without volume. The hair is lighter and less flat. Its active ingredients? Artichoke leaf extract, which is an antioxidant and detoxifies 90% of the toxins in the scalp, as well as cedar essential oil, which stimulates circulation, rosemary essential oil, which tones and revitalises and eucalyptus essential oil, which purifies and soothes.

We recommend the Vegan Volume Powder Shampoo Cut By Fred for fine hair and for short hair the Vegan Wax Pomade Cut By Fred.

Focus on the bestseller: Detox Stick Shampoo

Detox Stick Shampoo Cut By Fred is the new darling for sensitive scalps and oily hair. This easy to carry shampoo cleanses and purifies the scalp while protecting the hair. Thanks to its castor oil, it also fights against dandruff and leaves a fresh and light sensation. The hair is toned and grows faster! Its ultra-green and vegan formulation will accompany you every day. The little extra: this cut by fred shampoo is refillable. And for even softer hair, discover the cut by fred Vegan Hydration Mask.