Amazonian women’s beauty secret.
Cultivated for thousands of years by indigenous tribes, ungurahua oil is the secret behind the beautiful long hair of indigenous women. Discover this powerful oil in Rahua shampoos and treatments and give your hair all the shine and strength it deserves! The brand is committed to working with indigenous communities to ensure a fair price and to protect their threatened land.

Why we love it:

  • Its cult shampoo line
  • Its signature ungurahua oil
  • Its strong ethical commitment
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SOS: hair rescue!

Damaged lengths, colour fading, split ends or even damaged curls... Discover our selection to get your hair back on track between swims.

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The origins of Rahua

The beginnings of Rahua, Oh My Cream's favourite clean hair brand, were born in the Amazon rainforest. During a trip, its founder, Fabian Llinguin, a renowned New York hairdresser, discovered the active ingredient that inspired him to launch his brand: ungurahua oil. It was while observing the length and shine of indigenous women's hair that he discovered the benefits of this vegetable oil, also known as rahua. Today, all Rahua products are natural and contain this precious oil to repair, nourish and sublime the hair.

Rahua's cult products

In terms of clean hair range, Rahua has set the bar high by offering effective products with ever more addictive fragrances! Discover Rahua's cult shampoo, capable of restoring shine but above all of bringing volume to your hair: ideal for fine hair, this gentle natural shampoo brings body, volume and suppleness to the hair while purifying it, without drying it out. And to get a real lioness' mane, pair it with Rahua Hair Spray Volumateur, an organic spray that gives natural volume and revitalizes the scalp. To revive dull, dry and damaged hair, you can rely on Rahua Classic Shampoo, a natural shampoo that gives the hair a protective veil and deeply repairs it. Finally, because hair also needs hydration, the Hydration range with its tropical mango and passion fruit fragrance is likely to convert the most recalcitrant to clean shampoos, because it is THE Rahua shampoo to adopt if you want to switch to clean shampoos without giving up the foaming effect or the amazing smell.

Rahua, the clean hair brand committed to the environment

For Rahua, it was out of the question to source its flagship ingredient from the Amazon rainforest without contributing to its preservation or even benefiting its tribes. So in addition to offering employment to local populations through ethical farming, Rahua is committed to legally protecting many unjustly exploited lands in the Amazon. Also, the brand is turning to more eco-responsible packaging by offering some of its products in glass bottles or in refillable versions. Yes, the Rahua Classic Shampoo and the Repairing Conditioner are now infinitely refillable to reduce the use of plastic by up to 90% thanks to a refill bag, made of 60% vegetable fibres!