Oh My Cream's guide to choosing a facial cleanser

Whether you are a make-up enthusiast or not, everyone can (re)discover the art of skin cleansing. Yes, it is an art, but we are here to help you :) Throughout the day, the skin of the face is the most exposed and has the role of protecting us, notably by stopping pollution particles. In reaction, it is not uncommon to observe small excesses of sebum... For this reason, in the evening, our skin needs to be cleansed, at the risk of seeing small imperfections, sensitivities or even dehydration appear. But what is a good facial cleanser ? What are the good practices to adopt and the bad habits to eradicate? Here is the guide to facial cleansing in which we reveal the secrets of healthy, perfectly cleansed skin.

Why is it important to choose the right face wash?

The skin on our face is undoubtedly the part of our body most exposed to the residues of daily life - make-up, pollution, wind, heat, sweat or even excess sebum... It is also the most reactive part to these small disturbances! So, if there were only one thing to do, the starting point for beautiful, healthy skin, it would be to cleanse your skin in a way that is perfectly adapted to it... But you still need to distinguish between a make-up remover/cleanser that is not very suitable for your skin and a facial cleanser But you still need to distinguish between a make-up remover/cleanser that is not very suitable for your skin and a face cleanser that is 100% in tune with your skin type and its problems.

Why are certain skin cleansing practices to be avoided?

Many people love simplicity, so they turn to micellar water, make-up remover wipes or even soap in the shower, thinking they have found the right compromise between efficiency and speed. Unfortunately, these products are very rich in detergents and weaken the hydrolipidic film on the skin, which acts as a natural protective barrier. Without this protective film, any skin will eventually become sensitised and will tend to become dehydrated. In addition, the application media for these products (cotton pads or wipes) are all too often aggressive... As a bonus, these facial cleansers do not completely rid us of all the particles present on your skin. Indeed, to eliminate all impurities, it is necessary to start with an oily phase to attract like a magnet the greasy bodies (make-up, sebum), then to follow with an aqueous phase to eliminate lipophilic bodies such as sweat or small dusts...

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How to clean your skin properly with double cleansing?

Double cleansing is the first step of our 3 essential gestures. It consists, in the first instance, of an oily phase. With a balm or a make-up remover oilyou will first get rid of all the particles that have accumulated on your face during the day. Indeed, the fatty body of these products allows you to encapsulate and remove all your make-up, fine particles of pollution but also excess sebum. This first step is essential because if you don't completely remove all the traces that have accumulated and only apply a face cleanser, it's a bit like mopping the floor without vacuuming first... You spread the dust, but you don't remove anything ;-)

Once your skin is free of all these residues, it must now be cleaned. And this is when the facial cleanser comes into play in your beauty routine. Apply it gently by massaging it into your skin and rinse it off with plenty of water. To dry your face, we recommend dabbing lightly with a clean towel, reserved for use on your face. Finally, you can apply a lotion if necessary, and moisturise with a care oil or a moisturising cream.

Double cleansing is only done at night. In the morning, you can use either your cleanser (gel or milk), or only a lotion. The latter option is recommended for very sensitive or dehydrated skin.

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How to choose your face wash?

Should I use a gel or an emulsion cleanser? Should one prefer organic face cleansers ? To begin with, your face cleanser should be chosen according to your skin type. Logical yes, but not always obvious... Here are our tips.

Case 2: I have pimples and sensitive skin

If your skin is easily inflamed, we'll look for anything that might soothe it as soon as we start skin cleansing. Chamomile, oatmeal, rose oil or linseed, these soothing active ingredients will be ideal to bring the softness your skin needs. For this, we warmly recommend the Camellia & Rose Gentle Face Wash from Pai Skincare.

For dry skin

It is essential to provide a comforting texture when you skin cleansing to avoid any tightness. For this reason, choose creams, emulsions and cleansing milks, which are creamy face cleansers perfect for dry skin lacking in lipids. Oh My Cream Skincare's Cleansing Emulsion is perfect for this purpose thanks to its rich and creamy texture, which brings comfort and suppleness.

For normal to combination skin

We will tend to focus on facial cleansergel or, why not, foam textures. However, it is important to make sure that you use compositions that are free of overly aggressive detergents (in particular, avoid sulphates). If the skin is very dehydrated, it may be interesting to use a milk, but in this case, a fairly light milk.

For oily skin

For you, it's all about balance. Your sebum production needs to be regulated and this is done with facial cleansers gel or clay cleansers with balancing agents. Clearcalm3 Cleanser, for example, is an excellent purifying cleanser without the stripping effect.

For fans of organic facial cleansers

If you only want to choose organic facial cleansers If you only want to choose organic face cleansers, we also have a complete and varied selection to help you in your beauty routine. But of course, before choosing organic products, it is important to find out which one is best suited to your skin type.

One thing is certain, adopting double cleansing and choosing your facial cleanser will considerably improve your skin condition. However, don't forget your complementary care products to have a complete and really effective clean beauty routine ;-)