Our best summer body care tips

In the summer, between sunbathing and diving into the pool, our skin is put to a severe test. And yes, the sun, sea water, chlorinated water in the pool... are not our skin's best friends. So it's no coincidence that in summer, our skin is crying out for moisturising cream andskin oil to compensate for dehydration or sunburn. Logically, because the skin of the body is more exposed, if there is a period in the year when the body care has a central place in our beauty routine, it's in summer! Discover all our tips for taking care of and protecting your skin, so that you can have a beautiful golden tan when you return to school :-)

The importance of body care in summer 

The sun may be good for your morale, but it is not really your skin's best friend... UV rays are in fact one of the main causes of premature skin ageing: they are therefore the cause of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots and loss of firmness. Not to mention the more dramatic consequences that prolonged exposure without protection (but also the hereditary factor) can have on health... This is why it is really important to protect yourself and to have a controlled and moderate exposure to the sun: never between 12pm and 4pm when UV rays are the most violent. You will notice that in very hot countries, people often wear light but covering clothes and always find a small corner of shade to protect themselves. 

The product body care product of the summer? The sun cream ! Indeed, the application of sun protection on the body before any exposure to the sun is not a step to be neglected. Did you know that sunscreen does not prevent you from getting a tan? On the contrary, sun protection will help you to tan more evenly and get a nice, golden, luminous tan: no redness or peeling and an even longer-lasting tan! You should also remember to reapply your sun cream every 2 hours and immediately after swimming (beware of the magnifying effect of water drops and UV rays!) The protection factor to use will depend on your skin and its sensitivity to UV rays, but also on your environment: even if your skin is very resistant to the sun, if you are in the tropics, for example, you should still use factor 50. Finally, in the evening, don't hesitate to apply an after-sun treatment to comfort your overheated skin and help it regenerate better

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The right body care gestures to adopt in summer 

The gestures body care to adopt in summer does not stop at the daily use of sun care products and after sun care. The concept of body care is actually much more comprehensive. If, all year round, it is essential to clean your skin every day, it is even more important in summer (preferably with a shower gel adapted to your skin). Indeed, in summer, we tend to apply a lot of sun cream, go to the pool and/or the sea and sweat more than usual. Therefore, the skin cleansing is very important to get rid of sebum, salt, chlorine and sunscreen residues, accumulated during the day.

The other body care gesture of the summer? Think about doing some body scrubs to get rid of dead cells and thus promote a more even tan. In addition, if you apply self-tanner, exfoliation is really essential to avoid any traces (before its application). The ideal is then to follow your exfoliation with a moisturising cream or a oil for the skin, which you massage into your body, paying particular attention to your elbows, knees and heels. In addition to restoring softness and comfort to the skin, exfoliating and massaging the skin stimulates elastin fibres for firmer tissues, but also encourages good venous return. So if your legs feel heavy, don't hesitate to massage them and, for the bravest, finish off with a splash of ice water...

Body care essentials 

In the summer, as in the rest of the year, the body is entitled to its own dose of hydration. You wouldn't think of not moisturising your face? For the body, it's the same! 

In terms of moisturising body careThere is something for every taste and every skin type, here is a small selection:

  • Susanne Kaufmann 's Body Butter is the perfect ally for very dry skin in search of smooth and comforting textures
  • Dermalogica 's Body Hydrating Cream is the moisturiser for busy mornings as it instantly penetrates the skin and leaves a revitalising scent of citrus, lavender and patchouli 
  • Indie Lee Energizing Oil tones and nourishes the skin while leaving a satin finish. It is particularly recommended for moderately dry skin. 
  • Rudolph Care 's Acai Body Oil is a precious oil with a high concentration of active ingredients that provides comfort, suppleness and firmness to the skin! 
Oskia body scrub

If you apply sun protection before every exposure to the sun this summer, clean your skin thoroughly, exfoliate regularly and moisturise your body daily, you are guaranteed beautiful, healthy skin! Also remember to moisturise from the inside by drinking plenty of water. Another good tip is to include lots of water-rich foods. For more body care adviceadvice, don't hesitate to contact our Beauty Coaches via our chat or by email at consultation@ohmycream.com.