Gua Sha: why should you adopt it?

If there is a key accessory in recent years, it is the gua sha! Used in ancient Chinese medicine, the gua sha is a ritual of massage which consists of massaging one's skin with a small tool, initially made from cow horn. Today, the use of gua sha has been modernised and is recognised for its multiple benefits for both body and mind. But how does it work in practice? Here are some explanations!

What is a Gua Sha? 

The use of a gua sha is not new! Recognised for several centuries in Asia for its numerous virtues, its name is nothing other than a combination of the word "gua" meaning "to scratch" and "sha" for "illness". The movements made with this small tool are indeed a source of well-being by improving the immune system, blood circulation but also through an anti-aging action on the face! The gua sha can also be used on the body, which makes it a multi-purpose beauty tool.

The benefits of a Gua Sha face and body ? 

The massages with a gua sha have many virtues. Used daily on your face and body, they offer visible effects from the first use. Still not convinced? Here are some of the effects you will notice:

On the body : 

  • boosted blood and lymph circulation
  • smoother and firmer skin
  • a reduced feeling of heavy legs
  • a reduction in cellulite and the "orange peel" appearance 

On the face: 

  • a more radiant and glowing complexion
  • the production of collagen is boosted
  • smoother and firmer features (anti-ageing effect guaranteed :-) )
  • an easing of tension, the facial features are relaxed   
  • a better assimilation of the applied treatments thanks to the action of the massage 

How to use a Gua Sha for the face & body? 

The use of a gua sha is a perfect part of your beauty routine without requiring several hours in the bathroom.

The gua sha face: 

After applying a healing oil (such asPlumping Oil ), slide the gua sha over your face, applying gentle pressure from the inside out.

The gua sha body: 

After applying our nourishing oil, Scrape and smooth your skin, starting with your calves and working your way up to your heart.

The little tricks: You can place your gua sha body and face in the refrigerator for a refreshing effect. To promote the anti-cellulite effect, you should run it under hot water for a few minutes. After using your gua sha, it can be placed in a large bowl of water or in the smoke of a Palo Santo to recharge it.

Which stone to choose for your Gua Sha? 

Gua sha are usually made of stones like Quartz or Sodalite.
In order to take full advantage of the benefits of this small object, it is important to select a quality stone. There are also several forms of gua sha that differ according to the purpose.

At Oh My Cream, we have selected gua sha face & body with interesting properties.

Are you a fan of lithotherapy? Each stone symbolically possesses particular energetic properties: 

  • Rose Quartz : Regenerates and soothes the epidermis
  • White Quartz : Drains and firms
  • Blue Sodalite : Soothing and harmonising
  • Green aventurine : Brings positive vibrations to the ritual
  • Black Obsidian : Regenerates and boosts collagen