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A 100% natural and multi-use SOS balm, which intensely nourishes the skin and helps it to heal better, while providing an anti-bacterial action.

Size : 118 ml

A 100% natural and multi-use SOS balm, which intensely nourishes the skin and helps it to heal better, while providing an anti-bacterial action.

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Skin type

All skin types. Particularly ideal for dry or dehydrated complexions or skin that is prone to spots and blemishes.

Skin concerns

Dryness, Sensitivities & Redness, Blemishes & Blackheads


Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic Balm

Size : 118 ml


The team insight

An ancestral remedy that makes everything, seen backstage parades and adopted by the stars! It is highly recommended for problem skins that pull: in the thick layer at night, it removes imperfections while rehydrating the skin...

Usage tips



Take a small amount and warm it in the palm of your hand or fingertips before use. The cream will melt on contact with the skin. To use for:

- Imperfections and scars

- Dry and sensitive areas of the face and body

- Mask for hair

- Hands and dry feet (chapped)

- Sunburn

- Burns and mosquito bites

The Egyptian Magic Balm nourishes, repairs and protects all natures of skins without exception thanks to its cocktail of assets from the hive. It accelerates the disappearance of imperfections and scars, while leaving the skin soothed, soft and comfortable. Designed for the whole family, this all-purpose product is formulated without essential oils, for optimal tolerance of the most sensitive skin.


Olive Oil
Nourishing oil rich in fatty acids, omegas, squalenes and antioxydants

Nourishes, protects and softens

Antibacterial, strenghtens hydration

Rich in antioxydants and vitamins, delays aging

Royal jelly
Nourishes, protects and strenghtens

Antibacterial, stimulates cell renewal

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Complete list of ingredients

Olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis.

Egyptian Magic cream, a 100% natural bathroom essential

Egyptian Magic cream is actually more of a balm, or an oil in solid form that you simply melt with your fingers before applying to your skin. It is a cult face and body cream with a perfect composition, 100% natural, and above all with a formidable effectiveness: very nourishing, it repairs and protects even the most sensitive skin. The skin becomes supple and soft again. The secret of this magical balm? Its formula is very rich in active ingredients from the hive: propolis, pollen, royal jelly, honey and beeswax.

What are the different possible uses of Egyptian Magic cream?

Egyptian Magic cream is a multi-use balm designed for the whole family: it does not contain essential oils and is very suitable for sensitive skin (even babies). This SOS balm can be used on all areas of dryness, as a moisturiser for the body and face, but also as a great lip balm. It can also be applied locally to blemishes to help them disappear and avoid possible post-inflammatory marks. It's really an all-purpose product that will help you out more than once ;-)