Sheena Bhattessa, Founder of Citizen Femme, shares her top-travel tips and wellness  rituals

Meet Sheena Bhattessa, the British Indian actress and journalist who created her own trusted and stylish travel guide tailored to female travellers. We met up with the Citizen Femme founder to talk about travel and of course wellness and skincare rituals. 

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What inspired you to start a magazine focused on female travellers?

As businesses often start, it was to fill a gap in the market. When looking for travel advice, there is a lack of publications speaking to a millennial audience, with a real understanding of delivering the experiences we are looking for. That, and the fact that women make a staggering majority of the decisions when it comes to travel, and often so many household and lifestyle purchases. However, travel magazines and many brands do not speak to this demographic. So Citizen Femme was born, on a whim really! Something that considers and reconsiders what luxury means and caters to that audience with its recommendations.

Where does your passion for travel come from?

My family are in the travel industry so an innate passion for the industry has always been there. I was lucky enough to travel early on, and I remember driving through Europe and exploring historical towns (we never did beach holidays!) But, I think it is my love of storytelling as an actor and my love of understanding different cultures and how they live that influenced my passion for travel. Exploring the diversity that we can access through travel is incredibly exciting. 

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from your travels?

Don’t try to fit it all in and take your time to enjoy.

How do you adapt to different climates, particularly regarding your skincare regimen? 

Admittedly I’m not very complicated with my beauty routine. I love browsing products, beauty departments and online stores but stick to something quite simple. I use the BioEffect Hydrating Cream daily. For make-up, I switch between the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF30 for hotter climates and I only use RMS Beauty Re Evolve Natural Finish Foundation when I want a slightly fuller foundation finish. It’s my colder weather evening foundation. I also love the Tata Harper Cream Blush, it glides on so naturally. For lips, it’s Violette_Fr Bisou Tinted Balm


“For me, it is a tremendously satisfying breath of fresh air in another location. Although I love my work, when you travel, you leave behind the familiar routine, and I find it gives me a sense of freedom.”

Is there a beauty ritual you’ve discovered in different cultures that you’ve incorporated into your routine? 

Being of Indian origin, I think the age-old rituals, we have, are not only clean but also incredibly effective. Turmeric, for one, has endless benefits, adding it to food as an antioxidant and its anti-inflammatory properties. I use a mix of castor and coconut oil in my hair twice a week, especially great having had babies which has resulted in post-natal hair thinning and falling. And for a gorgeous body glow, mix coconut milk with aloe vera. 

What is a wellness ritual you keep even when you’re on the go? 

It’s only recent but it’s made a world of difference to how I sleep. I listen to a 20-minute meditation from the app Calm every night and it sends me into a wonderful, deep slumber.

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What are your top recommendations for travel-friendly beauty products that every woman should carry?

If my product is over 100ml, I decant it into a smaller bottle. Otherwise, many of the products I use are within the check-in allowance. Probiotics are excellent to travel with: happy gut, and happy skin. And if you can squeeze it into your luggage, I have now started using an LED Face Mask. It really is revolutionary especially if you’ve had a busy day and tiredness is showing on your face - it’s an instant glow. 

If you could choose only one destination for a wellness trip, what would it be and why?

Bali, Indonesia. I’ve never been, and I would love to spend days practising yoga, enjoying the Balinese spirituality and traditions, cooking lessons and so much more.  

What’s a destination on your travel bucket list that you haven’t yet checked off?

Japan. The cultural etiquette fascinates me but the vibrancy and culinary exploration of Japan excite me the most.

What advice would you give to women looking to travel more?

Just do it. If means allow, it’s the best sense of education, experience and freedom one can get from life.

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