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2 ways to Yeux Paint with Violette_FR for captivating eyes!

All eyes on you! Beauty addict and French content creator Franny, lets you on her secret to master the art of Violette_FR Yeux Paint. An already cult product to make your eyes pop all summer and year long, and invites us to be bold with our makeup!

Tip n°1: The mesmerising eyeliner

For the perfect colourful cat eyes that open up your eyes, start by drawing a line with the flat side of Violette_FR Yeux Paint Twinkling Liquid Eyeshadow’s applicator above your superior lash line, as close as the lash line as possible. You can also lightly pull on the external corner of your eyelid to help you draw your line!

Looking for more intense results? Draw a thicker line! Don’t worry if you mess up, grab a damped cotton tip and clean up your line.

Tip n°2 : The intense smoky eyes

For a mesmerising smoky eye in just 3 seconds, make sure your eyelids are well hydrated and do not use any powder on them before applying Violette_FR Yeux Paint Twinkling Liquid Eyeshadow all over your eyelid. Blend upwards toward your crease directly with your finger, or use a brush for a more defined look.

For more intense results, apply Yeux Paint and do not blend! You can also add another layer above the first application to intensify the finish, and add a touch of Yeux Paint under your inferior lash line.

Our additional tip for an even more captivating look? Apply a small touch of Violette_FR Baume Shine Highlighter to your eyes’ inner corner to open up the eyes.

Tip n°3: The Yeux Paint Total Look

If you fell for one of the softest colours of Violette_FR Yeux Paint Twinkling Liquid Eyeshadow, which could almost pass as a blush, a highlighter or a sparkling lipstick, why not use it? Like Franny, apply a few touches of your liquid eyeshadow on your cheekbones to add some radiance to your complexion. Ideal to reflect the end of a summer day’s light! And to make your lips pop, dab a few touches of Yeux Paint on naked and well-hydrated lips or on top of your Violette_FR Bisou Tinted Balm.

The selection to dare to be bold


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Titre du produit

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