What is my skin type ?

The basis of a really effective beauty routine ? 100% knowing yourself ! Yet, a little bird told us that if you are reading this, that means that you are not completely sure about your skin type … We will help you figuring out what your skincare needs are !

The different skin types 

Did you know that we are all born with a predefined skin type? It's genetic, in our DNA. Therefore, our skin type our skin type cannot changeno matter what products we use.

However, if your beauty routine does not fit your skin needs, you might have a misconception of your skin : for instance, thinking that it is dry just because you are using products that are too harsh for your skin, when it is actually normal.

Normal skin

Appearance Smooth skin, even tone, pores slightly visible but tightened. Moderate shine on the T-zone possible but only in the middle of the day.

Touch Velvety smooth.

Feeling Nothing special. Possibly some tightness after washing.

*Good to know: Just because you have normal skin doesn't mean you don't need to maintain it, quite the opposite. Rely on our 3 essential steps to keep your skin in tip-top shape!

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Combination Skin

Appearance: Moderately smooth skin, skin tone may be uneven, T-zone shiny in the morning or if not washed in the morning. Dry, dehydrated cheeks and slightly more visible pores in the T-zone. Blemishes may occur.

Feel: More or less smooth, sticky in the T-zone.

Feeling: Sensation of tightness, discomfort in the cheeks. Comfortable T-zone.

*Good to know : Combination skin is THE most common skin type. Do not use products dedicated to oily skin because of your T-zone, you might actually sensitize and dehydrate it.

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Oily skin

Appearance Shine on the T-zone and more or less on the whole face. Dilated pores, blackheads and even inflamed imperfections.

Touch Thick and irregular skin, oily to the touch.

Feelings Sensation of "heavy" skin and make-up that does not "hold".

*Good to know : Oily skins have a slower aging process than dry skins ! This is due to the excess sebum production that protects it from harmful external factors.

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Dry skin

Appearance Lack of luminosity, rough appearance. Very tight or even invisible pores, marked expression lines and possibly scaling.

Touch A little rough when the skin is not well treated.

Feeling Tightness, constant discomfort or rapidly after application of a cream. Itching.

*Good to know: We tend to avoid exfoliation when we have dry skin. However, it is absolutely necessary because dry skin has difficulty removing dead cells from the surface. By exfoliating at least once a week, moisturising products will penetrate much better and you will regain a radiant complexion.

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Is it possible to combine 2 skin types ?

Yes absolutely ! It is quite common for instance to have normal to combination skin or normal to dry skin.

Skin concerns

Unlike our skin type, which is a permanent and unchangeable state, our concerns are ephemeral and can therefore be treated. Dehydration, sensitivities, imperfections, signs of ageing or pigment spots, are concerns that can be controlled. Of course, one can have only one or several (for example blemishes and sensitivities at the same time), there are no rules.


Appearance: Areas prone to fine lines, flaking, dullness and skin that feels "shiny" but not oily.

Feel No greasy finish, rough and wrinkled skin.

Feeling : Tugging.

* Good to know: Dryness and dehydration are two different concerns. Dehydration means that the skin is thirsty because it lacks water. On the other hand, dryness means that the skin lacks sebum, i.e. oil. To be sure of your needs, read our article " Dry skin or dehydrated skin? We tell you everything! "

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Appearance: "Cardboardy" skin, dull complexion and localized dry patches (scabs), excess dead skin.

Touch : Prough water.

Feeling : Permanent discomfort, tightness.

*Good to know: Nothing beats a care oil to alleviate discomfort and create a shield on the surface, limiting the skin's water loss. Opt for skin care products that contain rich plant oils: borage, evening primrose, avocado, etc.

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Blemishes and blackheads

Appearance: raised, inflamed pimples or subcutaneous blemishes (microksytes)

Touch : Irregular skin texture.

Feeling : Pain, heat, sensation of a lump.

*Good to know: If you wear make-up, ban foundation and blushes full of bad silicones or mineral oils. Highly comedogenic, they risk accentuating the appearance of pimples (or even causing them).

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Shine and visible pores

Appearance : Localized shiny areas, visible pores, possibly blackheads.

Touch : Bold.

Feeling : Feeling of heaviness.

*Good to know: Don't skip out on moisturising! It's often tempting not to moisturise to avoid shine. But with a moisturising cream But with a moisturising cream or a suitable treatment oil, you can rebalance your skin and even mattify it for the whole day.

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First signs of ageing

Appearance : Fine lines and wrinkles.

Touch : The skin is slightly less firm to the touch.

Feeling : Possibly a little drier, more easily dehydrated skin.

*Good to know: Environmental pollution is one of the major contributors to premature skin aging. So think about adding anti-pollution products to your beauty routine. anti-pollution products to your beauty routine to help reduce the signs of ageing!

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Appearance: Marked wrinkles and expression lines (frown lines, crow's feet...), less luminous complexion.

Touch Irregularities in the marked areas, thinner skin to the touch.

Feeling : Nothing special.

*Good to know: Even the most effective anti-ageing creams and serums will only work perfectly if the base of your routine is right. So don't neglect a double cleansing cleansing and daily exfoliation daily exfoliation to boost your cell renewal!

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Lifting & Firming

Appearance: less clear facial oval, dilated pores .

Touch Thinner, less dense skin.

Feeling : Nothing special.

*Good to know : Because collagen and elastin fibers distend, pores expand. This has nothing to do with excess sebum production : so, we advise you not to use clay masks and to stay away from astringent lotions dedicated to young skins.

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Dark spots and pigmentation

Appearance: more or less marked brown spots, dull complexion.

Touch Nothing special.

Feeling : Nothing special.

*Good to know: The UV is the 1stera cause of the appearance of spots. Remember to protect yourself from the sun with a moisturising cream with sun protection (we recommend at least SPF 30).

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Sensitivity and redness

Appearance: Localized or diffuse redness, small red spots.

Touch Nothing special.

Feeling : Continuous or spontaneous feeling of heat, irritation, itching, tingling...

*Good to know : It is very common that sensitivity comes with dehydration (and inversely) : because the skin barrier is altered, skin does not manage to retain water properly.

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Dullness and uneven skin tone

Appearance: Dull, less even skin tone .

Touch Nothing special.

Feeling : Possibly rough, uneven skin if not exfoliated daily.

*Good to know: The unstoppable gesture to get back all your radiance instantly? Exfoliating exfoliating productsExfoliating products, which sweep away dead cells for a luminous, even complexion.

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