Le Collagène Universal Collagen

Le Collagène Universal Collagen Combeau


30 sticks of 3gr

A collagen powder (odourless and tasteless!) that acts on the signs of ageing, improves complexion's radiance and preserves skin's moisture.

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A collagen powder (odourless and tasteless!) that acts on the signs of ageing, improves complexion's radiance and preserves skin's moisture.

Enjoy a 20% discount when you buy two Combeau products with the code COMBEAU20.

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Skin type

All skin types.


Dehydration, First Signs of Ageing, Wrinkles & Fine Lines, Dullness & Uneven Skin Tone

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Le Collagène Universal Collagen


The team insight

The precisely dosed and highly assimilable marine collagen. Tasteless, odourless.

Usage tips



At any time of day, take 1 to 2 sticks a day, diluted in a glass of water, the drink (hot or cold) or food of your choice. Ideally as a 3 months cure but it can also be taken continuously.
Our tip: pour the collagen, then your water for optimum dilution.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children.
Not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a dry place at a temperature below 25°C, away from light.

Le Collagène is a universal supplement in powder form (to be diluted in the drink or food of your choice), tasteless, odourless, highly soluble and assimilable, which can be easily integrated into your daily routine.
Formulated with 100% hydrolysed natural marine collagen peptides, it increases endogenous collagen synthesis, reduces expression lines, improves skin elasticity and firmness, and preserves moisture.
The result? Skin is moisturised and plumped, firmness and elasticity are restored, the complexion is more even and luminous, and wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Proven results:
Significant reduction (Bazin-Doublet Atlas method) in expression lines after 12 weeks:
- 60% of periorbital wrinkles*.
- 70% of crow's feet*.

- Improved elasticity and firmness of the skin**.
- Improved uniformity and radiance of the skin***.
- Preservation of skin hydration*.

*Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study conducted on 95 women aged 56 on average, for 12 weeks, with a daily oral dose of 2.5g.
** Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study on 60 women, average age 56, with a daily oral dose of 5g.


100% Marine Collagen
Reduces wrinkles, improves elasticity and firmness and preserves hydration.

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Complete list of ingredients

Ingredients and nutritional composition for 2 sticks :
100% hydrolysed natural marine collagen (6 g)
Allergens: Contains fish.
No additives, no preservatives, gluten-free.
Responsible sourcing. Friend of the Sea® certified collagen.
Made in France.

This list of ingredients is subject to change; please refer to the packaging of the purchased product.

Our customer's reviews

Why take marine collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is naturally present throughout our bodies. It ensures the elasticity and regeneration of our skin tissue. However, between the ages of 25 and 30, its concentration decreases, leading to the appearance of the first signs of skin ageing: a dull complexion, more pronounced features, localised wrinkles or fine lines and skin that recovers less quickly. What can you do to make up for this loss? Turn to an appropriate routine or a marine collagen cure to boost our internal production, while targeting the various signs of skin ageing. Collagen is regularly found in moisturisers, serums and even in food supplements formulated with marine collagen. These help to stimulate its natural production. And collagen has many benefits for the skin, body and hair.

What are the benefits of marine collagen?

Marine collagen is known for its benefits to the skin. It improves the elasticity, hydration, firmness and quality of the skin. What's more, thanks to its antioxidant properties, it helps the body produce collagen, making it the perfect natural anti-ageing ally. Marine collagen also has numerous benefits for our hair, nails and even our bodies. 

Collagen is found in the amino acid (proline) needed to produce keratin. Collagen is also known to promote hair growth. A course of marine collagen will leave your hair shinier, stronger and healthier. Marine collagen is also highly beneficial for nails, strengthening them. Finally, collagen can be recommended in cases of chronic pain, as it helps to keep joints supple and healthy. Find out more about the benefits of collagen here.

When should I take Combeau Le Collagène Universal Collagen in cure?

Thanks to its stick format and tasteless, odourless formulation, Combeau Le Collagène is an easy-to-take marine collagen treatment that can be adapted to your routine. A cure of 1 to 3 months is recommended, although it can be taken over a longer period of time. What's more, it can be taken at any time of day, diluted in the drink or dish of your choice.