Why use a face oil and which one to choose?

When taking care of our skin, we first think about religiously applying our favourite moisturizer. But it's not just about that! Skincare oils are a great way to diffuse active ingredients. At Oh My Cream, it has become our trademark to protect and repair fragile skin (amongst other factors)... In this article, you’ll discover all the reasons that make skin care oil a must!

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Why is skincare oil an essential skin care product?

As the protective barrier of the skin is often altered by internal factors (stress, medication) or external aggressors (cold, pollution), a face oil acts as a protective layer. When the skin is subjected to severe stress, the intercellular cement that ensures good cohesion between the cells becomes fragile. The lipids naturally produced by our skin can lose quality and density. The care oil then comes in as a reinforcement and acts as a crutch to regenerate and nourish the skin.

Applying an oil to your face also allows you to apply a real anti-dehydration shield to your skin. Indeed, its formula acts as a fatty acid supplement for the skin (perfect for dry skin), but it is also a super product to treat dehydrated skin, because the very thin layer of oil applied will act as a shield, preventing water from evaporating. If you leave a glass of water in the middle of the desert, you will see that it will only take a short time to completely dry out. Cover it with a thin layer of oil and you will see that the water will no longer be able to disappear... It's the same for your skin!

The benefits of using an oil for your skin

The oil has a self-regulating function on skin that overproduces grease. And yes: if you provide your skin with the fat it needs, it will stop producing excess fat to protect itself! It is the gentlest way to get excess skin back on track (in addition, it is also very often dehydrated and weakened by strong treatments or an overly aggressive routine...).

Finally, due to its high affinity with the skin, oil is a great carrier to help active ingredients deeply penetrate the skin. By sneaking into the deepest layers of the skin, it facilitates the diffusion of active ingredients. It is therefore an interesting base for infusing power active ingredients into the skin (such as retinol, for example). Moreover, many of these powerful ingredients are more soluble and stable over time in an oil than in an aqueous formula (such as a serum or lotion). Adopting an oil therefore means boosting your skin care routine while maximizing the tolerance of certain active ingredients.

How to choose your facial oil?

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Distinguish between plant oils and mineral oils.

Plant oils are derived from plants, stones, seeds, fruits, vegetables... Natural ingredients, so they can be certified organic. Having a great affinity with the skin (they replicate it!), they penetrate well and each one will have a specific action, according to its origin.

Mineral oils are derived from petrochemicals and are therefore not natural ingredients. They remain on the surface of the skin and, unable to penetrate, they form a protective film on the epidermis. Acting as an insulator, they can relieve dry skin thanks to their "dressing" function. 

However, combination, oily or blemish-prone skin will prefer not to use it, as the film-forming effect can clog pores and cause the appearance of small pimples.

Plant oils, on the other hand, are very naturally rich in good active ingredients: such as essential fatty acids (also known as Omega 3, 6, 9) and vitamins. In short, they are a real treat for the skin!

The oil should be chosen according to your skin concern. To be sure of your choice, a skin diagnosis will allow you to take stock of your skin priorities.

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Oil for dehydrated skin 

Oh My Cream Skincare Plumping Oil

Its formula combines the regenerating action of avocado oil and the nourishing action of marula. In addition, encapsulated hyaluronic acid provides intense hydration of tissues for an immediate beautiful skin effect and smoothed features. Use without moderation as a replacement for your night cream as soon as your skin becomes tired.

The featherweight basics 

Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil

Almost as light as water and fragrance-free, this skincare oil is ideal for normal skin or just starting out: universal, it penetrates the skin straight away, moisturises without weighing it down and is non-comedogenic. Combination or oily skin? You should love it! It's also worth remembering that the squalane used here is not of animal origin, as it's a source of lipids also found in plants, including olive oil. 

For dry skin

Aurelia London Cell Repair Night Oil

With its powerful botanical cocktail, this night care oil regenerates cells, fights the signs of ageing and deeply moisturises for a radiant complexion when you wake up. A 100% natural, unrivalled elixir to plump and firm thanks to its anti-ageing complex.

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Detox oil for skin with imperfections

Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil

The blue colour of this facial oil is due to the blue chamomile it contains! This rebalancing and soothing plant oil reduces redness and inflammation linked to imperfections. A real ally for problem skin, it unclogs pores, reduces shine and leaves the complexion clean and clear, while providing hydration and comfort!  

For sensitive skin

Pai Skincare BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil 

Fragrance-free, its simple, pure composition immediately reassures sensitive skin. Formulated exclusively with wild rose oil, this skincare oil protects the skin while helping it to heal (ideal for completing an anti-blemish or anti-dark spot routine, for example). Soothing, it allows the skin to rest while providing maximum effectiveness. And even if your skin is prone to redness, you can apply it with your eyes closed!

A vitamin boost for the complexion

Rudolph Care Facial Oil Delight

Dull complexion or minor pigmentation irregularities? With its 5 plant oils, including acai (the brand's signature), this light, non-greasy treatment oil is suitable for all skin types looking for radiance and is ideal for preventing the first signs of ageing. 

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The better-aging oil against the first signs of ageing

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

For transformed skin when you wake up, this anti-ageing night oil is the treatment that reconciles all skin types with the power of retinoids! It smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pigmentation spots and moisturises, while soothing redness and improving skin firmness and texture while you sleep.

The anti-ageing superstar

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum 

This little cosmetic jewel is the product of wine-growing know-how, requiring the same technical skill and patience to produce as a fine wine... With its 60 bio-available nutrients, this treatment oil equals our most effective anti-ageing serums and is suitable for all skin types. 

How to apply a facial care oil?

. Cleanse your face and gently dry your skin.

. Apply a hydrosol to cotton wool or spray on a toner to neutralize the limestone. (Tip: it is by slightly moistening the skin that the skin care oil will penetrate in 2 seconds!)

. Put 4 to 6 drops of oil in the palm of your hand.

. Gently massage your face.

. Finish by placing your hands on your face to help the oil penetrate with the heat of your palms.


When: The oil can be applied in the morning: as a serum or mixed with your facial cream for soft, plump and perfectly protected skin. Or, on its own in the evening for intensely nourished, repaired and radiant skin when you wake up!

This third step, which is integrated into our 3 essential steps, punctuates all our care routines and radically transforms the epidermis. Whatever your skin type, skin care oil can moisturize, repair, firm or purify. A few simple tips will help you choose the right plant oil. Finally, don't hesitate to consult our guide on facial moisturizers to maximize results and build your custom care routine.

Our Favourite Facial Oils


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