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#Howto: Get your best eyebrows with our Brow Fixing Gel

What if the secret for bigger and radiant eyes was simply perfectly defined and tamed eyebrows? Discover our tips to make your eyebrows look good with the new Oh My Cream Skincare Brow Fixing Gel.

How to make your eyebrows look shaped and defined? 

Something you might have noticed when wearing a mask was still needed: brushed, defined and shaped eyebrows can make a difference on your face! But we must admit, it’s not the easiest area to tame and master. Whether your eyebrows are thick or slim, sometimes the answer doesn’t necessarily imply the use of a tweezer or wax, and can simply rely on some makeup to do the trick! Trust the French when we say that well-defined eyebrows have more structure to the face and can naturally open up the eyes.

Whether you have light or sparse eyebrows or a bushy and untamed line, to make your eyebrows look good with makeup you’ll need the right tools and the tips! And let us reassure you that your makeup bag doesn’t need to be full of the most expert tools to well draw and define your eyebrows. The most used products? The eyebrow pencil and the brow mascara, also known as a brow gel. If the former is great for filling in sparse spots and defining your brow’s shape, the latter, like Oh My Cream Skincare Brow Fixing Gel adds volume and texture to the brows for a natural finish. How to use makeup to shape your brows? Follow along while we share with you our tips and tricks.

 A few tips before you start:

  • Always do your eyebrows on dry and clean skin.
  • Brush your eyebrows outward toward the sides of the face, starting with the head of the brow.
  • Follow your natural hair movements with a light hand and don't press on the skin hard, either.
  • From the arch of your brows to the tail end: use upwards movements following the natural movements of the hair.

Tame thick eyebrows

If you’ve never succumbed to the tweezer call when you were younger, you’re among the few of us who can brag about bushy and thick eyebrows. To highlight them, all you’ll need is Oh My Cream Skincare Brow Fixing Gel to tame, define and fix them for long-lasting results. Brush your brows lightly with upwards motions by following your natural brow line and your hair movement.

Shape sparse brows

Sparse, irregular or fine brows? Start by grabbing an eyebrow pencil with a brush like Ilia In Full Micro-Tip Brow Pencil. If you have dark hair, pick a colour that is lighter than the natural colour of your brows. On the other hand, if you have light hair, you can opt for a darker tone than your natural shade. Before filling in your brow, start by brushing your brows upwards to shape and define the sparse area. Then, fill in your brows with the pencil with small hair-like strokes. To fix it all, apply Oh My Cream Skincare Brow Fixing Gel with upward strokes from the root to the tail end of your brows.

Brush men’s eyebrows

Free to use makeup or not, men can also need some brows definition! Often thicker and bushier, their eyebrows can sometimes lack discipline and don’t seem to want to stay in place. The aim is to brush the eyebrows in an upwards motion from the hair to the tail-end with Oh My Cream Skincare Brow Fixing Gel in order to brush and fix them while adding some structure for a natural and long-lasting finish.

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