Atelier Nubio

Atelier Nubio

Atelier Nubio

Atelier Nubio

100% plant beauty elixirs.
Whatever your needs, Atelier Nubio is bound to offer a supplement made for you! With their 100% natural formulas (free from fillers, preservatives and artificial flavorings), Atelier Nubio guarantees supplements that offer both exceptional quality and efficiency. And if that wasn't enough, they are all certified organic and made in France!

Why we love it:

  • Their straightforward and accessible supplements
  • Their expertise and transparency
  • Their commitment to sustainability
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The Summer Pouch Maison Michel x Oh My Cream

A 2-in-1 kit in a mini hat box and a colourful pouch bringing together all the clean essentials for this summer, including 3 full sizes!


Atelier Nubio, the French brand of food supplements

Atelier Nubio is a French brand of food supplements that was created by Claire and Gabrielle. Both are passionate about food. Claire grew up in the Breton countryside where she gathered her own plants and grew her own fruit and vegetables to make home-made juices. Gabrielle is an agricultural engineer and has always been attracted to food innovations. Fascinated by the benefits of plants on the body, they launched the Atelier Nubio adventure in 2014.

Healthy products for a fit body by Atelier Nubio

The mantra of Atelier Nubio? Beauty starts from the inside! Nutrition, whether physical or spiritual, is essential for a healthy body and radiant skin. The "in & out" is the pillar of the brand. Food supplements are part of this holistic approach. They provide the body with vitamins and minerals that it would not have found in food, often depleted by pesticides. Thus these plant concentrates will restore the balance of the skin, relax the mind and provide the energy necessary for the body to function properly. Each food supplement has its own properties. Whether you want to have a flat stomach with the supplement "On veut un ventre plat de naïade", purified skin or less brittle hair, everyone can find the supplement adapted to their needs.

Food supplements carefully selected by Atelier Nubio

Atelier Nubio food supplements are formulated in a research laboratory in France where the plants are brought in by local producers and gatherers. The active ingredients are 100% of plant origin and organic. The brand refuses the use of plastic for its packaging and favours glass, aluminium and cardboard. They are reusable and infinitely recyclable and are manufactured in France to limit CO2 emissions. These little supplements are good for your health and for the environment!