The nutrient rich cosmeceutical brand.
Oskia's credo? To help the skin help itself! This British brand largely uses active ingredients already produced by the body, as well as the famous MSM. Oskia's signature ingredient, this exceptional source of sulphur is a powerhouse when it comes to treating sensitive skin, imperfections and the visible signs of ageing. What's more, Oskia takes pride in using bio-technology in its skincare products, in order to produce formulas that are less damaging to the environment.

Why we love it:

  • Its streamlined & expert vision
  • Its signature ingredient, MSM
  • Its sustainable packaging and products
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The story of Oskia...

Oskia is a natural English brand created in 2009 by Georgie Cleeve. It was after a fall while skiing that she started a course of MSM in the form of food supplements to repair the cartilage in her badly damaged knee. She quickly regained mobility that no surgeon had thought possible. Her skin also began to change: her acne disappeared, as did her eczema attacks... Georgie then looked into the virtues of MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane), the "beauty mineral", a natural and organic form of sulfur that boosts collagen production, improves circulation and reduces inflammation. She trained in dermatology, physiology and skin care, but also in nutrition where she discovered the benefits for the skin of a good diet. From a single element (MSM), the idea evolved into a new approach to skincare, that of providing the skin with all the cellular nutrients (minerals, vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids), essential to its health in bio-available form.

Focus on Oskia's flagship ingredient, MSM

Sulphur is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. It is present in every cell and its highest concentration is found in the skin, hair and nails. MSM plays an important role in many body processes, including the formation of collagen, elastin, keratin and amino acids. Traditionally used as a supplement, MSM is scientifically proven to repair damaged cartilage. On the skin side, it improves not only the quantity but also the quality of collagen and keratin production. It also has a powerful detoxifying and anti-inflammatory action, and helps combat various skin problems such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Why is Oskia skin care really effective?

Because at Oskia, each ingredient used is thoroughly researched by the formulators to ensure real results, while preserving the balance of sensitive skin. Most of the active ingredients are naturally present in the body: this is the case of MSM or Glutathione (our own antioxidant), which also contribute to an excellent tolerance. Oskia's formulations are created on a basis of bio-active and bio-available nutrients and complexes, to bring light and health to all skin types. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and omegas then work in synergy to improve skin cell activity, resulting in healthier skin. All these nutrients are then blended with high-tech active ingredients (including plant stem cells, peptide complexes, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, plant extracts and flower oils...), in order to combat issues related to ageing, sensitivities, blemishes, as well as the impact of lifestyle and the environment.

Oskia products that you should have tested

Oskia Skincare offers a rich range of products that are globally oriented towards the prevention and treatment of the signs of ageing. The iconic product is the Oskia Renaissance Mask Resurfaçant, an enzymatic exfoliating mask with the brand's iconic rose scent, capable of providing an immediate radiance boost! The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is also a cult product for gentle cleansing, but not only... This new generation cleanser with a melting oil gel texture combines cleansing and gentle exfoliation, allowing you to instantly regain a luminous complexion and a beautiful skin texture.