How to apply eye liner?

Among the great classics in make-up, theeye liner is always a big hit... The problem is that it is also one of the most complicated gestures to achieve: not only do you have to be precise in your gesture, but you also have to know what type of eye liner line flatters our eyes the most. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, find out all our tips!

How to choose your eye liner

Felt, pencil or pot, when it comes to knowing which one to put in your basket, you can quickly feel overwhelmed... It all depends on the effect and the degree of precision you are looking for. Indeed, for a line of eye liner line (or one that can be blurred later on, for example, in the evening), a black eye pencil is perfect. We also recommend it to more mature skin types because it offers a softer result. If you want a graphic and sophisticated line (whether you are a beginner or an experienced liner), felt-tip eye liner oreyeliner in a jar with a small brush is ideal: these offer an impeccable line and excellent hold throughout the day.

Our eyeliner tutorial

Preparation is key: sharpen your pencil or make sure your felt eyeliner has not dried (always leave your liner in a pot, upside down). Support yourself on your elbows to avoid shaking... and let's start lining!

  • Start with the famous comma: with your eye open and your gaze level with the mirror (you don't look down, you don't close your eye and you don't stretch your eyelid), draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye in the direction of the tail of your eyebrow. This gives you your "ideal angle" ofeye liner ! The line may appear almost vertical at first, but that's normal ;-)
  • Next, move on to the line, starting at the middle of the eye: at the roots of the lashes, make very small lines and join them together to gradually obtain a more precise line. At this point you can choose to gradually thicken your line. 
  • Once you have reached the comma, fill in the small empty triangle that has formed between the lines, flush with the lashes and the comma. 
  • Finish by filling in the inner side of the eye, always using small lines of eye liner and then joining them together for a precise line. 
  • If you've gone overboard, use a small cotton swab soaked in micellar water, for example, to correct without erasing your entire line.

Thin or thick? Each look has its own eyeliner line!

As a general rule, thin eyeliner is the most flattering on all eyes. For us, it's a bit of a safe bet... A thicker liner line that goes further outwards hardens the look. But assumed, this line of eye liner can also give a little 60's charm! The eyeliner line is ideal to enhance drooping eyelids because it offers a "lift" effect, so it is by no means reserved for younger people. Finally, you can also play with colours by opting for a fuchsia pink or an electric blue which will give a very pop and vitaminized look.

So don't deprive yourself of this classic make-up application, and don't worry: practice makes perfect! So always apply your eye liner when you have time so you don't rush, lean on your elbows and breathe... and remember that even the best can make mistakes ;-)