How do I get a manicure?

Make your manicure from the comfort of your sofa! Armed with a few well-chosen utensils, it is possible to give yourself a manicure quickly, provided you also have the right gestures... Finally, manicure does not necessarily mean coloured! If you simply want to protect and moisturise your nails, there are also nail care perfect nail care products :)

What is a manicure?

A manicure is a treatment designed to moisturize your hands, file your nails Once the treatment is over, you can apply a "classic" or semi-permanent nail polish. By opting for one of the clean nail polishes like with the Kure Bazaar brand, the application of the nail polish becomes an extension of the manicure, thanks to formulas that also take care of your nails, without suffocating them. If you don't want to apply nail polish after your manicure, we advise you to always finish with a little touch of vegetable oil on your nails: it strengthens them and makes them waterproof to avoid breakage (for example when washing dishes) ;-)

What tools are needed to perform a manicure?

To get a manicure worthy of a beauty expert, equip yourself with the following manicure set:

  • A soft nail file (preferably cardboard)
  • A special cuticle lotion or a bowl of warm water
  • A boxwood stick or a cotton swab
  • A polishing block
  • A varnish base
  • A varnish
  • A top coat
  • an oil for the cuticles

There are manicure kits that include all of these items.

How to make a beautiful manicure at home?

It is quite possible to do your own manicure: a manicure kit Kure Bazaar manicure kit is available from Oh My Cream for this purpose.

To protect our nails, we embark on a five-step treatment: 

  • If the nails are varnished, take the time to remove it with a mild nail polish remover.
  • We file (or cut) our nails to shape them according to the desired form (square, rounded, or both...), but also to prevent them from splitting.
  • In a solution based on repairing and moisturising oil, dip your fingertips to soften the cuticles before pushing them back with a boxwood stick.
  • The surface of the nails is smoothed with a polisher to make them shine and facilitate the application of nail polish.
  • A base coat is applied to protect and strengthen the nails.

How to protect and enhance your nails after a manicure?

The application of a coloured varnish :

To add a touch of pep to your nails you can apply a nail polish in the shade of your choice. There are two types of nail polish: "classic" nail polish which lasts for a maximum of one week on the hands, and semi-permanent nail polish which can last up to 3 weeks.

  • When applying, always start from the centre of the nail and work outwards. Wait 2 to 3 minutes before applying the second coat, then let it dry for a few minutes. (If you use a semi-permanent nail polish, don't wait because after 60 seconds under the UV lamps, your nail polish is already dry)
  • To enhance the nail polish, apply a top coat on the coloured nail polish right after application. For even more hold and shine, repeat this operation 3 days after the first application.

Kure Bazaar offers a very wide range of nail polishes available on our eshop. Their technological innovation, after several years of research, has made it possible to significantly reduce the use of petrochemical substances. This brand offers impeccable hold, shine and drying!

Hydration : 

  • Apply a cream: A hand cream will finish your manicure routine, to moisturise the nail and make your hands soft.
  • Apply thecuticle oil Grown Alchemist cuticle oil repairs and strengthens cuticles and nails, while minimizing the appearance of ridges.