How to choose a glow mask for the face?

A complexion at half-mast? A grey complexion? At some point in the year, we all face a period when our face shows a blurred complexion. Daily stress, lack of sleep or a poor lifestyle can quickly rob your face of the beautiful colours of healthy skin. So, during these times of crisis, we're always looking for the right product to give us a boost, what better than a radiance mask What better way to restore healthy, glowing skin than with a radiance mask?

Why opt for a radiance mask?

Including a mask in your beauty routine is the gesture that makes the difference in an instant when you feel your skin slightly declining. After a gentle exfoliation, once or twice a week, putting a mask on your face can remedy a problem that has only just begun. So when you feel that your skin is losing its clarity, you don't waste a second and pull out your radiance face mask.


What does it mean to have a dull complexion? Dull skin is when the skin loses its radiance and looks less "luminous", almost giving the impression of a grey complexion. Dull skin, lacking radiance, can also display small pigment spots that blur the uniformity of the complexion. A poor skincare routine can be the cause. Poorly cleansed skin, for example, will accumulate make-up residue and will find it harder to breathe. A lack of exfoliation can also explain the lack of clarity, as this essential gesture favours cell renewal. Finally, a poor lifestyle is the last factor responsible for a blotchy complexion. Don't forget, the recipe for beautiful skin is above all sleep, hydration and as little stress as possible.

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In concrete terms, the radiance maskis the care that gives you back the radiance of a beautiful and healthy skin in one application. Thanks to their composition of targeted active ingredients, these masks illuminate and unify the complexion while instantly restoring the "healthy glow" effect. In fact, it is the care to always have in your toilet bag to erase dull complexions.


Which radiance mask to choose according to your skin type? 

Like all the other products in your routine, the radiance mask should be chosen according to the nature of your skin and, above all, according to its degree of sensitivity. In fact, to bring back light, radiance masks are often exfoliating and purifying, so that your skin looks really pretty. However, exfoliating and purifying active ingredients should be approached with caution by hypersensitive skin. So if you have fragile and easily irritated skin, we recommend applying a small amount of product to a small area of the face to see if the skin can tolerate the active ingredients.

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The nourishing glow mask for dry skin...

For dry skin to regain its radiance, it must first be nourished to strengthen its hydrolipidic film. To do this, we turn to a radiance face mask which, for the most part, contains nourishing ingredients such as plant oils or butters, but also active ingredients such as vitamins, anti-free radicals, exfoliants, etc., which help to restore a beautiful, radiant complexion.

The glow mask to be shopped at Oh My Cream : Aura Manuka Honey Mask, Antipodes What you need to know about this mask is that it solves most of your problems! Suitable for all skin types, it corrects dehydration, lack of radiance and uniformity of the complexion as well as imperfections. Thanks to its Manuka Honey, a powerful anti-bacterial but above all excellent nourishing active ingredient, it helps accelerate the regeneration of cells to get cheeks as soft as a baby. Ideal for dry skin, this natural radiance face mask is also suitable for all other skin types!

The hydrating radiance mask for normal skin...

For normal skin, the recipe for consistently radiant skin is first and foremost to always maintain good hydration. Your radiance mask will be a care product containing moisturising active ingredients coupled with exfoliating active ingredients to smooth the skin texture and even out the complexion.

The glow mask to buy at Oh My Cream : Hydro Exfoliating Mask, Dermalogica This 2-in-1 mask will save you time while giving you the radiance you're looking for. With its exfoliating bamboo spheres, it smoothes and renews cells for a healthy and luminous skin in only 5 minutes.


The purifying mask for oily skin...

The number one problem for oily skin is shine and dilated pores. So to combine a search for radiance with a desire to rebalance the skin, we turn to a purifying radiance mask which regulates sebum production while providing the skin with all the active ingredients necessary to illuminate the complexion.

Oh My Cream: I-Waken Resurfacing Mask, Indie Lee This purifying radiance mask This purifying and radiant mask has a double action: it awakens the complexion and rebalances the skin. Thanks to its clays and salicylic acid, it purifies and clarifies the skin by exfoliating, unclogging pores and regulating sebum production. In addition, we are fans of its ultra-soft creamy texture which allows this natural radiance face mask to be perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin.


The balancing radiance mask for combination skin...

Combination skin often has shine in the T-zone and can sometimes experience dryness on the cheeks. To help these skins clarify their complexion while giving the skin what it needs without compromising, why not opt for a double mask? By choosing a purifying radiance mask mask that acts on shine as well as a radiance mask mask, you allow each zone to find its own way. Apply the first to the T-zone and the second to the cheeks, and you're done!

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