A Well-being Expert Shares Her Wellness Rituals with Us 

It's a part of our body that we tend to forget, yet it could change our well-being if we learn to listen to it. Because a new year also means new self-care rituals, we asked the belly well-being expert Axelle Rogano to share her rituals to inspire us.

What inspired you to focus your career on holistic well-being?

As long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed taking care of people around me. Then, one day, I had to learn to take care of myself due to an eating disorder. My therapy involved the body, touch, and massage. It allowed me to reconnect with myself. That's how I wanted to pass on this teaching to others.

For me, holistic well-being means caring for the person in its entirety and not just limiting it to the physical envelope. I wanted to provide an alternative and be able to address certain issues in addition to allopathic medicines. The protocols are sometimes more technical; we go deeper because we approach the person as a whole with their mind, heart, and body.

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Why the stomach?

I chose to specialize in the belly area because it has always been a concern for me since childhood. This area is much more intimate than some other parts of our body. The stomach is often neglected during a body massage, at the client's request. However, it is the central part of our body envelope; neglecting it is a sign that we need to take even more care of it! There are no fewer than 200 million neurons connected in the walls of our digestive tract. If our belly suffers, our whole body and mind suffer too. Daily life, news, our emotions, accumulated stress, poor breathing... All these events and disorders slow down and disrupt the digestion process.


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Can you tell us about your Chi Nei Tsang treatment?

Chi Nei Tsang has done me a lot of good; it has freed me from many physical and emotional ailments. But Chi Nei Tsang works in synergy with our daily hygiene and routine. The best approach to taking care of your belly is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, be active, and have a balanced diet tailored to your needs. Also, respecting seasonality is important; Traditional Chinese Medicine reminds us of how important it is to follow the cycles of nature. But sometimes, it won't be enough, and that's where massages like Chi Nei Tsang come in to support the motor function of the colon and facilitate transit. Since our belly is considered our second brain, the cradle of our emotions, it will also have a direct impact on fatigue, letting go, stress, anxiety, and many other emotions. It allows for nervous and emotional rebalancing.

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Do you have daily rituals with complementary benefits to this treatment?

In winter, I eat warm and cooked food, favouring a warming and comforting diet. I also avoid wearing tight clothes that disturb digestion. I also take my time to eat, listening to my hunger as much as possible without skipping meals. And of course, self-massage that I use at any time of the day, anywhere, whenever I feel the need. They are an integral part of my life. I pair these practices with peppermint essential oilwhen needed or when cramps are intense. And I love preparing fresh ginger infusions that I drink throughout the day or after a heavy meal!

What helps you feel good daily?

I attach a lot of importance to these moments of the day, especially those in the evening. In the morning, I like to take my time. I wake up 2 hours before leaving. I hate running and rushing. And it allows me to get into a beautiful energy of softness. I prepare my chicory from Cosmic Dealer, and depending on my desires, a savoury breakfast with eggs and whole grain bread or a few homemade biscuits. With a large glass of water, I take my dietary supplements, especially for joints (harpagophytum). I listen to soft music like Sofiane Pamart while organizing my day and doing some stretches. I then do my quintet, some positive affirmations, and the day can begin!

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Your evening routine

In the evening, when I return from a long day, I brush my body with the Oh My Cream Skincare Dry Body Brush and then take a hot shower - I hate the cold! - visualizing the accumulated energies of my day flowing and draining away. I like to use the Sentara Holistic Gua Sha Angel Skin Body on my legs to relieve them after a day of massaging and standing.

For my beauty routine, I do a double cleansing, and layering, all while practicing some facial self-massage. I also take care of my hands every week with L:a Bruket's hand ritual, which leaves my hands so soft.

What are your wellness practices?

  • Practising the quintet ritual (breathing - centring - grounding - protection - intention) and manifesting every morning and gratitude in the evening before bed.
  • Listening to my massage playlists - Kundalini mantras - also, nourish my soul.

  • I practice heart coherence as soon as I feel a surge of stress!
  • With my schedule, I sometimes find it difficult to find time for it, but I love Pilates reformer, especially for sculpting the abdominal belt. Otherwise, I try to walk as much as possible. The idea is to stay in motion!

  • At least once a month, I treat myself to a long body massage, an acupuncture session, an energy treatment, or an infrared sauna. Essential, especially when taking care of others!

What can make a real change in our well-being?

Sleep is, in my opinion, our best ally. Sleep for 8 hours of deep sleep and see your state of fulfilment and that of your skin upon waking! In English, we talk about beauty sleep, and it's not for nothing! Breathing too. We still breathe poorly. Stress or lack of time. However, breathing is vital, but equally important for the health of our organs. Take the time before going to work to do a few deep breaths, mentally preparing for a good day!


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Being always in action, even in winter. This season is a real invitation to introspection and rest. You have to manage to slow down, practice less intense, gentler sports, take naps on weekends, go out less. It's the peak time of the year for cocooning. However, in our current society, we are always running, which exhausts the body that cannot recharge its batteries at this crucial time!

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Your favourites  supplements


Personally, I really like the Combeau brand, which has a well-established reputation with L'Essentiel Peau Skin Supplement, this perfect skin supplement with zinc, vitamin C, and a very interesting ingredient, SOD B from melon or red algae. Their latest innovation, Le Collagène Universal Collagen, is also catching my eye!

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