The Ionic Dry Brush

The Ionic Dry Brush Ruhi


An oval brush a combination of natural and ultra-fine copper bristles charged with ions, for an invigorating dry brushing experience.

An oval brush a combination of natural and ultra-fine copper bristles charged with ions, for an invigorating dry brushing experience.

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Skin type

Ideal for those looking for firmer, more radiant skin. Perfect for preventing stretch marks.


Stretch Marks, Silhouette, Energy

The Ionic Dry Brush


The Ionic Dry Brush


The team insight

Bristles that are neither too fine nor too hard offer a pleasurable brushing experience without irritating scratching. We love the minimalist, robust design!

Usage tips



Always start with the ends of the legs and arms and work inwards towards the centre of the body. Brush using slow, gentle movements.

Legs: Start with the feet and work your way up to the thighs and buttocks.

Arms: Start with the backs of the hands and work up to the shoulders.

Stomach and back: Brush in a clockwise direction.

Brush care: Tap the brush head against a hard surface after each use to remove dead skin cells. Do not clean using water. Store in a dry place

The Ionic Dry Brush combines natural and ultra-fine copper bristles. During the brushing motion, the copper bristles generate new energy in the form of negative ions, driving out free radicals (which are notably responsible for premature skin ageing). Also known as "gharsana", dry brushing is one of the traditional rituals of age-old Ayurveda practices. A few minutes of brushing a day promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation for lighter legs, firmer skin, gentle elimination of dead cells, and improved cell regeneration (which also helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks). The dry brushing technique is also known to strengthen the body's immune response, making it particularly valuable during cold and flu season.


Natural bristles
Exfoliate and tone the skin while improving circulation

Copper fibres

See the INCI list

Complete list of ingredients

Natural hair (ethically sourced horse mane; horses only have their manes trimmed) - copper fibres - handle made of oiled regional beech wood from responsibly managed forests (FSC) - leather strap.

Made in Germany.

Dimensions: 75 mm / 135 mm

This list of ingredients is subject to change; please refer to the packaging of the purchased product.

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Delphine C.
Très Très satisfaite

Brossage à sec au top avec cette brosse ! Je la recommande vivement

Marie c.M.
Brosse ionic

Je l’adore , elle fait désormais partie de ma routine avant ma douche , ma peau est douce et je me sens plus tonique après chaque brossage.

Caroline D.
J’adore 🥰

Elle est géniale ! Je me sens mieux depuis que je l’utilise chaque matin après avoir fait quelques étirements et avant la douche ! Un bon moyen de prendre soin de soi en toute autonomie ! Concern:Sécheresse

Martine E.

Tonique avant la douche évite les gommages une huile pour le corps après la douche et c’est parti
Bon pour le moral

Sandrine C.
Brosse ionisante peau

Très bon produits de qualité. Au fil des jours la texture de ma peau se densifie et prends de l’éclat.