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Soft and glowing skin, reduced stretch marks and greater skin elasticity... Discover all these benefits and more with dry brushing, and ancient Ayurvedic ritual, with Ruhi brushes. Handcrafted in Germany using 100% natural ingredients, we love their minimalist and robust designs.

Why we love it:

  • Great for those who are new to dry brushing
  • Handmade brushes
  • Natural and responsible materials
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Ruhi, between spirituality and well-being

Ruhi is the story of a beautiful brand of beauty tools created by Britta Hekmat in 2019. A great fan of cosmetics for many years, it was during her pregnancy that she discovered holistic beauty. She gradually integrated these new rituals into her wellness routine and developed a passion for these treatments that have a real impact on her stress and energy levels. It was from this discovery that she created Ruhi, "soul and spirituality" in Persian.

Dry brushing with Ruhi brushes, Natural Skin Care

Dry brushing is an age-old ritual in Ayurveda, a traditional Chinese medicine. Beyond taking care of the body, it is above all about creating harmony between body and mind. A few minutes a day of brushing improves blood and lymphatic circulation for lighter legs, firms up the tissues, gently exfoliates dead cells and boosts cell renewal (also helping to reduce stretch marks). The dry brushing technique also strengthens the immune system: its practice is therefore ideal during infectious peaks and to avoid colds and other winter ailments.

The secrets of Ruhi brushes

At Oh My Cream, we have selected the crème de la crème of body brushes. The Classic Body Brush is the ideal beauty tool for those who want to start dry brushing. Made from boar bristles, its round shape makes it ideal for all skin types and needs. Do you have sensitive skin? Don't panic, the Sensitive Skin Brush is the one for you! Ultra-soft, it can be used on the most fragile areas such as the stomach or the neckline. Finally, the Ionic Body Brush is perfect for the most expert! Its mixture of natural bristles and copper generates new energy in the form of negative ions, chasing away free radicals (responsible for premature skin ageing in particular).

A care routine with Ruhi cosmetic

Incorporating dry brushing into your beauty routine is an effective way to boost the effectiveness of your body care routine. Just before showering, make regular upward strokes, always towards the heart, to help blood circulation. Start with the legs, work your way up to the stomach and lower back and finish with the arms. For best results, dry brushing should be done at least a few minutes a day.