How to add SPF to your skincare routine without changing it!

Unfortunately for our skin, UV rays don’t stop once the sun is hiding. This is why SPF should be your first anti-ageing step to protect your skin. Discover our tips to integrate sunscreen into your skincare routine all year long without changing it! 

Why should you be applying sunscreen all year long? 

When the sun is hiding behind clouds and the greyness returns; sun’s harmful effects don't stop. UV rays keep on striking and can harm your skin. In fact, did you know that nearly 80% of premature skin ageing is related to UV rays

To protect your skin all year long from hyperpigmentation and early signs of ageing, SPF is a must in your skincare routine! But rest assured, you don’t need to revise your entire routine to add sun protection to your top shelves. Here are 3 simple daily steps to not forgetting your sunscreen. 

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Switch to a moisturiser that integrates SPF

The answer: Patyka Anti-Spot Fluid High Protection SPF30

This moisturising fluid with SPF30 reduces damages caused by UV rays by up to 40%. Indeed, its formula is rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to ensure optimal hydration throughout the day and even prevent and reduce hyperpigmentation. 

Are you searching for a deeper action against hyperpigmentation? Add Patyka Anti-Dark Spot Correcting Serum to your skincare routine. This serum visibly reduces the size and intensity of dark spots for more luminous skin, day after day.

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Opt for an invisible mineral sunscreen

The solution: Odacité SPF50 Mineral Drops Niacinamide + Green Tea Invisible Sunscreen

Imperceptible on the skin, this sunscreen is the ideal solution to integrate SPF50 into your beauty routine. Equipped with anti-ageing and reparative protection, it effectively shields the skin from UVB and UVA rays, as well as free radicals. Lightweight and comfortable on the skin, it is perfect as the final step in your skincare routine!

For an even complexion, and to conceal redness or blemishes, you can opt for the tinted version with Odacité Mineral Drops Tinted Sunscreen SPF50. This mineral sunscreen enhances the skin's radiance and provides a makeup-like and glowing finish.

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Change your foundation for a mineral one

The answer: Oh My Cream Skincare Mineral Powder Foundation SPF20

Mineral screens are actually great allies for blocking UV rays. In our Mineral Powder Foundation, mineral pigments (derived from zinc and titanium dioxide) are there to naturally even out the complexion and protect the skin from the sun and external aggressions. Whether applied lightly to the skin or more generously to conceal imperfections or scars, it's the ultimate "perfect complexion" powder that provides SPF20 protection. Please note, for sunny days, don't forget to apply sunscreen before your powder.

3 tips to protect your skin daily:

  • Cult skin supplement and French Women’s secret to glow, Combeau L’Essentiel Peau acts on hydration, skin’s elasticity and firmness, blemishes and radiance. It also strengthens the skin against UV rays. In fact, it increases the skin's resistance to UV rays by 16% and reduces the number of cells damaged by UVB rays by 72%*!

  • To freshen up and add an extra level of protection against external aggressions, Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner is your must-have! This pre-serum lotion balances the pH of the skin to boost its hydration and protect it from pollution.

  • In the evening, as soon as you get home, you have to do your double cleansing routine! Sunscreen filters are "adhesive" agents that are soluble in fatty substances, and they can only be removed with a well-established cleansing routine.


* According to a clinical study conducted on 88 individuals over 28 days

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